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Happy International Nurses Day! Celebrate these frontline heroes and all they do for the world, and share some relatable memes with the nurses in your life.

Celebrate International Nurses Day with these relatable memes

Nurses have never been more important in the past decade than today. Amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, nurses faced some of their hardest days in 2020, as hospitals were overwhelmed with the sick & dying all around the globe.

Nurses continue to carry the burden of responsibility for our help, as COVID-19 continues to ravage areas like India, while other parts of the world have hospitals filled with patients facing the long-term effects of the deadly illness.

COVID-19 aside, nurses are our heroes year-round. They keep us healthy & calm when we feel completely helpless inside our flesh prisons, and it’s about time we give them credit where credit’s due. May 12th is International Nurses Day, and we’ve scoured Twitter to honor our nurses the only way we know how: with the use of dank memes. 

Check out what we’ve found, and send these memes to the nurse in your life to celebrate International Nurses Day this year.


Nurse life

Twitter’s full of memes for nurses, and memes are the perfect way they can relate to the idiosyncrasies of nurse life. Show the nurse in your life you understand the struggle on International Nurses Day with this Ross nurse meme.

Nurses become so slammed at work, transitioning to normal life on days off can be difficult. What are jeans, again?

This meme perfectly shows how hectic nurse life can be. So we had some trouble getting you to a new room, but did you die?

Only nurses know the exquisite pain of waiting on a patient hand & foot when they think they’re dying. Remember patients: the call bell is not a toy.

Night shift

If the nurse in your life works at the hospital, they know about the true horrors of the night shift. On International Nurses Day, send the hospital nurse in your life these night shift memes. They’ll definitely understand.

When night shift is over, it’s time to sleep while the rest of the world works. If you live with a night shift nurse, when the sun comes up, we suggest you take a walk.

Night shift ain’t easy, and all nurses know it. If you can get your shift covered at your job, count your blessings.

Thank you

Let’s face it: patients torture nurses. When we’re sick, we feel entitled to the help of the medical staff around us. Send your nurses these memes on International Nurses Day to let them know you’re not like the rest of their patients.

Nursing can be a strain on the psyche, and can cause massive existential dread. Send this meme to the Rick & Morty fan nurse in your life and let them know you feel their pain.

Finally, if you’re dating a nurse, you know you hit the jackpot with one of the most caring people in the world. Send bae this corny nursing meme on International Nurses Day to let them know their patients aren’t the only people they’re keeping healthy.

How are you celebrating International Nurses Day? Let us know in the comments!

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