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After refusing to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, Novak Djokovic may not be able to play at the Australian Open. This news may even land him in jail.

Will this news force Novak Djokovic to quit the Australian Open?

Despite being ranked number one amongst professional men’s tennis players worldwide, Novak Djokovic’s future lies in the Australian legal system’s hands. Djokovic recently made news for failing to receive a COVID-19 vaccination, which is required for all players who wish to participate in the Australian Open.

Novak has made his opposition to vaccines no secret for many years, yet when the news broke regarding an incident with his visa, the tennis press was all over it. Australia is one of several countries that have implemented a vaccine mandate for visitors. Due to this, Djokovic was initially not allowed to enter the country because he’s unvaccinated.

Djokovic’s visa claimed he was afforded a medical exemption to the Australian mandate. This exemption was based on a supposedly positive COVID test in mid-December. However, recent news could mean more trouble for Novak, as there is suspicion as to whether he falsified the results of his test. So, will Djokovic be able to play or not? Read to find out.

Djokovic caught red-handed?

Despite the decision over his visa being uncertain, Novak Djokovic will prepare to play fellow Serbian Miomir Kecmanovic in the Australian Open first round. As Djokovic prepares for his match, the Australian minister of immigration Alex Hawke will make a decision as to whether or not the world number one will be allowed to stay in the country. 

Hawke is apparently weighing the possibility of, “a personal power of cancellation,” which could make the deliberations last longer than they already have. Novak Djokovic caused a stir in the news earlier this week for admitting that he’d broken COVID protocol. Not only is the thirty-four-year-old Serbian catching public hatred, but he could face jail time. 

Djokovic admitted that he’d broken quarantine to be interviewed by French newspaper L’Equipe, even though he knew he had Corona. This flagrant infraction could result in up to a five-year prison sentence if it’s found out that he lied about his positive test. On top of the plausible jail time, Novak is also in hot water with the Australian Border Force.

The ABF claims that Djokovic possibly misconstrued information on his travel declaration form. The men’s world number one claimed he’d not traveled anywhere else before arriving in Australia. However, photos of Djokovic training in Spain before New Year emerged, making his claims look a little bit shady.

Australians against Djokovic

Even though Novak’s visa was reinstated by a judge who claimed the tennis star had been treated unfairly by immigration officials, not all Aussies are on Djokovic’s side. Australian newscasters Mike Amor & Rebecca Maddren were caught off-air tearing Novak a new one. 

Maddren said, “Whatever way you look at it, Novak Djokovic is a lying sneaky a#*hole.” Amor went on to add, “he fell over his own f$%#ing lies,” in reference to the investigation into Djokovic’s claims that he hadn’t traveled elsewhere. All of this drama started on January 5th, 2o22, when Djokovic arrived in Melbourne.

He’d been initially cleared by Tennis Australia & local Melbourne authorities, yet was held for nearly ten hours at the airport for his unvaccinated status. Australia’s anger at the situation stems from the fact that they’ve been able to keep COVID-19 in check for the past two years through strict lockdowns & border patrol.

Having one of the highest vaccination rates in the world, Aussies didn’t take kindly to Djokovic’s apparent disregard for others’ health. The prime minister said he supports Djokovic’s visa being canceled. Even Americans like Howard stern are mad, saying Novak should be thrown, “right the f*&% out of tennis,” on SiriusXM.

Despite being cleared to play the first round of the Australian Open, recent scandalous news could mean serious jail time for Novak Djokovic. What do you think should happen to Novak Djokovic? Let us know in the comment section.

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