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Nikki Phillippi, a lifestyle influencer and YouTuber is currently facing backlash along with her husband Dan Philippi. Why are they losing fans?

Why did YouTuber Nikki Phillippi kill her dog? See why fans are unsubscribing

Nikki Phillippi, a lifestyle influencer and YouTuber is currently facing backlash along with her husband Dan Phillippi for their decision to euthanize their family dog. Why did the two reach this conclusion to let go of their dog though? Well, the two explained in a twenty-four-minute-long video that Bowser, their now deceased dog, had a long history of violence. 

However, was this good enough of a reason for Nikki and Dan Phillippi to just let go of their family dog like that and end a life? Since this video was posted, tons of folks have stepped forward expressing their anger towards the couple’s decision, and have called their reasoning ridiculous and nonsense. Let’s take a look at all of this very, very ugly drama going on in the YouTube world here. 

How it all began

The controversy surrounding Nikki Phillipi and her husband Dan first began after the lifestyle influencer first shared to her Instagram followers on Monday that she had made the decision to put down her dog, Bowser, after the bull terrier had bit her young son Logan. The caption of her photo from her now switched to private Instagram account read that the dog had a bit of a violent streak to him. 

“Bowser had an aggressive side that reared its ugly head a few times over the years”, the lifestyle YouTuber captioned the post, which included a series of images of her and her family posed with Bowser over the years. “After a lot of counsel, we decided it was time for Bowser to pass peacefully on. We didn’t want to make this decision . . . as I’m sure you can imagine. I’m not kidding when I say this was one of the saddest days of my life”. 

The influencer who has over 1.29 million subscribers on her YouTube account, concluded her Instagram caption with: “We will miss you forever Bowser”. Immediately after the photos were posted, her fans and people from all over the social media world began to criticize her decision, saying there were very obvious alternatives the couple should have thought over such as rehoming him or training him better. 

The YouTube video

In a later YouTube video, both Nikki & Dan Phillipi sat down to elaborate further on their final decision to euthanize their family dog. In the video, they explained that Bowser was attacked as a pup, and hadn’t been the same since then. They also emphasized that Bowser had been responsible for plenty of attacks on other dogs including their other one at home. 

The most recent situation was with their son, in which she explained to viewers that Logan had taken food from the dog, which made Bowser bite their son in the face. The couple also mentioned that the injury “wasn’t bad”, but that Logan still has a small mark from the attack. 

The YouTuber then said: “In some ways, it’s been anticipated for a really long time, and in others, it was completely shocking. Never crossed my mind — ‘Oh, now we’re gonna have to put Bowser down’ — I just thought, ‘Oh, he’s just gotta be in the right home.’ But after getting counsel from multiple professionals who are with dogs all the time, all of them said that, they all said the same thing”.


Of course, even after posting the YouTube video, people from all over were still furious over the situation, and if anything, even more so after hearing their elaboration. One Twitter user even shared an image of the star with her kid and Bowser, saying that she “puts down her dog for biting her kid but not before she has a photoshoot with the dog inches away from the kid the dog allegedly bit and needs to be put down for”. 

Even other big YouTubers such as Lauren Riihimaki, better known as LaurDIY, spoke out against Nikki and Dan Phillippi. LaurDIY tweeted: “For 3 days, this story of @NikkiPhillippi unnecessarily euthanizing her bull terrier has truly shaken me to the core and makes me SICK. Please hold them accountable for this cruel decision and know that there are OTHER OPTIONS”. 

She included a video of her talking more on the issue, and also added: “As a dog lover and bull terrier owner, I refuse to stay silent about this and let an irresponsible dog owner use their massive platform to publicly share their disgusting decision that did NOT need to happen”. 

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