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We’ve trudged through winter & spring, and June is finally upon us. Check out our list of the latest movies streaming now.

These new releases are streaming right now: Watch them tonight

We’ve trudged through winter & spring, and June is finally upon us. A new month means new content, as the streaming giants rack up the latest releases to hook subscribers & newcomers alike. Furthermore, summer blockbusters are getting ahead of the curve and dropping to streaming already in early June.

Despite lifted restrictions opening up movie theaters across the country after vaccine distribution amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many filmmakers continue to turn to streaming to release their films. As such, a plethora of new summer movies are streaming right now. Check out our list of the latest movies streaming now to get your new movie fix right from the comfort of home.

Bo Burnham: Inside

Bo Burnham is the latest comedian to take a dive into the realm of comedy-drama specials putting stand-up on its head, following similar efforts like 2019’s Gary Gulman: The Great Depresh, 2019’s Jenny Slate: Stage Fright, and 2020’s Whitmer Thomas: The Golden One

What separates Burham’s special is the great equalizer: the COVID-19 pandemic.

Inside dropped last week giving audiences yet another example of an unintentional COVID-19 documentary-like so many reality series attempting to march onward and create content, abound with masks & quarantine. Check it out streaming on Netflix now, and see where tragedy ends & comedy begins.

Those Who Wish Me Dead

Those Who Wish Me Dead in one of 2021’s movies making waves – unsurprisingly, considering its star.  Angelina Jolie plays a wilderness firefighter, known as a smokejumper, who takes a little boy on the run from assassins after witnessing a murder.

Director Taylor Sheridan brings audiences the new thriller, following 2017’s Wind River, along with writing 2016’s Hell or High Water & cult hit 2015’s Sicario. Following such harrowing thrill rides, we can only imagine Those Who Wish Me Dead will show itself as one of the year’s most engaging movies. Furthermore, it’s streaming now on HBO Max.

The Woman in the Window

Netflix is also bringing audiences one of 2021’s most potentially thrilling movies with The Woman in the Window. Dual redhead national treasures Amy Adams & Julianne Moore star in the film about an agoraphobic woman who witnesses a crime after spying on her neighbors (paging Alfred Hitchcock).

The Woman in the Window is a long time coming; the feature was set to hit theaters two years ago in 2019, and was pushed back to May 2020 after re-edits. Then COVID-19 came, and the film was pushed back even further until its release a few weeks ago.

However, the Rear Window-nodding thriller boasts a number of other expert stars like Gary Oldman & Jennifer Jason Leigh, drawing the script from a hit 2018 novel. The story sounds well-worn, but you’ll have to check The Woman in the Window out streaming on Netflix now to see if the powerhouse crew brings audiences an effective spin on the psychological thriller genre.


Oxygen dropped on Netflix a few weeks ago, giving audiences the 2021 sci-fi feature to look out for from director Alexandre Aja. Aja gave film fans 2019’s gator romp Crawl after making waves in the horror scene with 2006’s The Hills Have Eyes remake, 2010’s Piranha 3D, and Daniel Radcliffe-starring Horns in 2013.

Oxygen gives viewers the horrific concept of waking up in a cryogenic chamber and not knowing how or why you got there. The French-language picture paints a science fiction nightmare of self-discovery we can only imagine, based on the director’s previous efforts, will provide shocking results. Will the mystery of how our hero got where she is come to pass? You’ll have to head to Netflix to find out.

What new release are you most excited to stream? Let us know in the comments below!

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