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Navroz Prasla, a leader in the entertainment industry, given ‘2022 Lifetime Achievement Award’ by Biden administration

Navroz Prasla is a prominent figure in the entertainment industry as a producer and director in both movies and television. He has been in the business for over two decades, working with some of the biggest names and companies. Mr. Prasla is also recognized for his work as the founder of  HereGo TV, American Start TV, and Media Films Craft. He has also produced highly celebrated works in Bollywood which won him ICFT-UNESCO Gandhi Medal at the 48TH INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL OF INDIA in Nov 2017.

Newest Recipient of ‘2022 Lifetime Achievement Award’ by Biden administration

This achievement came after Navroz’s achievements were formally recognized. The award was given to him by Mayor Sylvester Turner. This award was given to Prasla after his goal to generate more positive opportunities in the film industry was made clear. Recently Prasla was even featured in the well-known Los Angeles magazine LA Weekly which talked about his recent achievements and accomplishments as an honorable entertainment industry member. Navroz is no stranger to working hard; his accomplishments are well deserved and commendable!

Navroz Prasla’s Road to Success

Prasla has always had a passion for music and entertainment (See his Linkedin here). His passion led him to pursue a longstanding career in entertainment, from the film and broadcast media to TV. Navroz Prasla started his career without any outside expectation of success but quickly proved to the world that he is an achiever. He started producing his own movies and has worked with notable stars. Prasla’s work on the music side of the industry, producing songs and albums for film and television, is also something that he is passionate about and fulfills through his company Media Films Crafts which he began in 2017.

Filmography as a producer

Kshitij: A Horizon (producer) (post-production) 2022

Late night vibes with Shabbir (TV Special) (producer) 2021 

Dev Negi & Barsha Borah: Ishq Bheegaye Naina (Music Video) (producer)

An Inspirational Legacy And Bright Future

Navroz Prasla has come a long way in the entertainment industry and has achieved great success. He has been recognized by the Indian and American communities and now has also received the ‘2022 Lifetime Achievement Award’ from the Biden administration. His passion for music, film, and TV has led him to be recognized as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. Prasla is a great inspiration to many aspiring actors and producers and has achieved success in the business by working hard and never giving up. 

Prasla is a self-made minority that shows the world how hard work and dedication pay off. Navroz Prasla isn’t just an inspiration to Indians, he is also an inspiration for any American looking to truly achieve success against the odds and live the American dream. Navroz Prasla has had an amazing journey so far, often taking on challenges head-on. Kshitij: A Horizon, for example, was a film that was not meant to go beyond a few screenings. However, it received a great response and was hailed as a powerful film that showcased the sacrifice of young men serving in the Indian Armed Forces. The trailer for Late Night Vibes, too, was not meant to go beyond a few screenings. However, it received great response and was hailed as a powerful film about a woman in a challenging relationship. Navroz Prasla’s tireless drive to success is inspiring and will hopefully lead many others to follow his path. 

If you would like to follow Navroz on social media, where he shares updates, check him out!  His Instagram is @Navrozprasla, or you can follow the official Facebook Page of Navroz Prasla (and you can find him on Twitter here).

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