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People have some rather mixed feelings about the release of 'Mulan', the latest Disney remake. Here are our favorite memes on the subject.

The best memes about Disney’s epic ‘Mulan’ price-gauging

Disney has been milking the live action remake cash cow for years, and we feel bad for this theoretical cow, because she must be very tired. Disney’s Mulan is the next remake on the docket, but it was supposed to have had a theater premiere months ago. The pandemic, of course, prevented the release.

A lot of contention has arisen out of the Mulan remake. People have been disappointed about the announcement the movie would be darker & less fun (sorry, no dramatic CGI dragons) to the discovery Shang wouldn’t be in the movie. There’s also the more serious fact the lead actress has openly praised the Chinese Communist Party, which has led to a movement of people pushing for a boycott of the film.

There’s also one other thing – with current uncertainty about theater going, Disney has decided to try and see what happens when they release Mulan on their streaming platform Disney+. The real kicker here is that people who are already paying for the streaming service are going to be asked to pay $29.99 in order to watch the film. All this has led to a number of great memes.

Okay, this is fair

The reason behind the narrative changes are good, and we accept that.

If you don’t get it, that’s okay

If you don’t get it, then this is something you’ve never done before. If you do get it, well, then “Har matey, we be of kindred spirit”.

Not so bright

Shaming people isn’t cool, but if someone is paying a monthly fee for Disney+ and pays thirty bucks on top of that to watch Mulan you know they’re rich.

It also gets funnier when you realize the movie will stop being pay-to-watch in December.

Theater experience

If we’re paying more than we would for a movie ticket we expect to see some overpriced hot popcorn magically appear when we hit play. It’s Disney, surely they have that capability by now.


This meme offers a two-for-one deal mentioning the exorbitant movie price and the lead actors’ questionable political stances.

Maybe not all press is good

They say any press is good press, but a call for a boycott is probably not the kind of thing Disney ever wants to be associated with. It doesn’t really scream “fun for the whole family”.

Oh, no

We dare not speak the sauce’s name . . . okay actually we do because it’s kind of our job. However, we would very much like to not ever remember the Szechuan Sauce Incident of 2017 ever again.

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