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With only a couple episodes left until 'Mr. Robot' ends for good, the fans are abuzz with a multitude of theories. Here they are.

What the heck is going on in ‘Mr. Robot’ S4? Read all the theories here

USA Network’s Mr. Robot is having one of the best final seasons in current television, on a par with the likes of Breaking Bad or The Americans. The fourth and final season of Mr. Robot has been met with critical praise (though not much from Film Daily, we’ll admit) and promises a satisfying conclusion to the thought-provoking series – at least to some.

With only a couple episodes left until Mr. Robot ends for good, the fans are abuzz with a multitude of theories. How will this carefully constructed show take its final bow? Or there any major twists left as we barrel to the series finale? Mr. Robot often leaves the audience with more questions than answers, but the fans are always coming up with their own answers. 

Here are our favorite fan theories for Mr. Robot season four. 

Angela returns in some fashion

Fans were pretty certain that Angela (Portia Doubleday) was marked for death as season four approached. While her death in the season four premiere of Mr. Robot was excellent drama and a catalyst to set events in motion, it was also pretty expected. 

While those theorists over the Mr. Robot Reddit were pleased by guessing Angela’s impending end, many believe that she will return in some capacity. Whether it’s due to her death being faked to mess with Elliot (Rami Malek) or her showing up as a new personality (“the other one”), people aren’t convinced that we have seen the last of Doubleday in the role as Angela.

Elliot has been the bad guy the whole time

One of the most fascinating parts of Mr. Robot is how Elliot is a truly unreliable narrator. As the point of view character for the audience in the first season, we believe the world as Elliot sees it. With the reveal that Mr. Robot is a hallucination brought on by Elliot’s mental illness, our sense of reality within Mr. Robot is turned on its head. 

As Elliot led a group of hacktivists without realizing it, some Reddit users are questioning whether or not Elliot is truly the good guy of the series. Reddit user RoboNas theorizes that the major twist ending of Mr. Robot is a reveal that Elliot has been the bad guy all along. In fact, there could be a major clue staring us all in the face. The “E” in ECorp standing for Elliot this whole time. 

Elliot is not the true personality

As a sufferer of Dissociative Identity Disorder along with other mental illnesses, Eliot finds that he cannot even trust his own mind. One of the big reveals regarding that is there is a third unknown (to Elliot and Mr. Robot) personality. “He”, or so says Magda (Vaishnavi Sharma), and why should we believe her? 

Now there are a lot of theories regarding “the other one”. By far the most interesting theory is that “the other one” is the true personality of Elliot. The Elliot that the audience has been following the entire series is another identity, explaining why Elliot is only in control sometimes and is pretty forgetful. People believe that this tracks with a moment where Magda removes Elliot from the seat at the head of the boardroom table, seeing it as a clever moment of foreshadowing. 

Elliot’s third personality is behind the mask

This may not identify just who “the other one” is, but it could give us a very interesting clue. A Reddit theory posits that the audience and Elliot has seen this personality throughout the series. “The other one” hides behind the fsociety mask and has been hiding behind the mask this whole time

As Mr. Robot fans know, the mask comes from The Careful Massacre of the Bourgeoisie, which is a film important to both Elliot and Darlene (Carly Chaikin). As this film has meaning to Elliot, it could be something that has meaning to this mystery personality as well. It would be like Esmail to have “the other one” be right under our noses this whole time. 

Elliot, the living computer

Whiterose’s (B.D. Wong) experiment in Mr. Robot remains a question frustratingly unanswered by the series. From what fans have gathered, they think it’s a way to reset the timeline via time travel or a parallel universe. A new theory courtesy of Reddit user mister–mister 90 posits that the “experiment” could be something a little more grounded in reality: cognitive computing. 

Basically, it comes down to believing that Elliot is an artificial construct (the true titular Mr. Robot). But wait, you say, we’ve seen Elliot bleed and nearly die. Well, the theory says that Elliot has instead been “programmed” by Whiterose. Rather than this being an experiment of A.I., its an experiment of programming a human brain itself and planting sophisticated systems so lifelike it fools the host. After all, something happened to cause Elliot to forget his whole life.

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