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Extraterrestrial life has always held our curiosity. Are aliens real? Here's what we know about Mike Tyson's claims.

Mike Tyson says aliens are real: Everything to know about his claims

The great beyond is a matter of great fascination. We all wonder at some point whether there is life beyond earth. It’s what so many space missions are developed for, it’s what pop-culture has depicted for a long time through movies like ET: Extra Terrestrial, Extinction, The Signal, Revolt, Beyond Skyline, At First Light, The Darkest Dawn, Under the Skin, Apollo 18, Cloverfield, Evolution, among others. 

Extraterrestrial life has always held our curiosity. Do we have galactic neighbors? We’d like some answers, but so far concrete evidence seems elusive in that all we have is some footage released earlier this year by the Pentagon citing unidentified flying objects, or UFOs for short.

Recently, however, the boxing champion made a weird segue into talking about aliens on a podcast. Tyson, who earlier announced that he’s returning to the boxing ring after 15 years, recently appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. 

Tyson claims that humans have descended from aliens

In all likelihood, it was a major WTF moment for all listeners. The 54-year-old boxer who is excited to return to the boxing ring in November this year was a guest on the podcast as a part of the promotion for his comeback. But things escalated into weird territory when the conversation segued into aliens. 

When they started talking about extraterrestrial life, the Brooklyn-born boxer remarked, “Listen, there’s more stars in space than there are grains of sand in the desert. Can you imagine that?” It seemed like an innocuous statement to make – perhaps Tyson was just really fascinated by the existence of the universe & enamored by the magic of the great beyond – but it soon became gasp-inducing.

Podcast host Rogan asked Tyson, as a follow-up, whether he thought we’re alone in the universe? That’s when the boxer’s contentious take began. He said, “If you can’t explain – If you can only tell me about Adam and Eve, I’m going to go with the aliens. If that’s what you’re hitting me with, Adam and Eve? I’m going to go with these alien guys.”

What’s brewing? A Controversy

The host was quick to pick on the contentious nature of Tyson’s remarks & swiftly responded very encouragingly that a lot of people believe that we’ve descended from aliens. That’s all it took to encourage Tyson to bring the listeners completely into his theory about how different races seeing each other for the first time also considered each other aliens. His exact words? 

“Well listen, when certain tribes of people, I’m not saying Caucasians when they came to Africa, even before that. When people came to other people, the first time they saw them, they were ‘aliens’. The first time an Asian man saw a Caucasian man, that was an ‘alien’. A black man saw an Asian man or a white man, that was an ‘alien’. Maybe they weren’t aliens, but that’s what they thought they were.”

He continued to explain his bizarre beliefs, “They were just a tribe of people that encountered them. Perhaps they [aliens] were getting extinct, they came down and did some accelerated genetic experiments – lower hominids, and this is how we were created.”

This isn’t the first time he’s talked about this theory, though. An earlier video also shows him talking about how his wife believes the same – that we’ve descended from aliens.

On the same podcast, Tyson also claimed that he used to get erections during boxing. We never thought we’d reach a point where aliens & Mike Tyson would appear in the same sentence, but it’s 2020. Nothing’s seemingly off the table.

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