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As always the internet has prevailed because we have the funniest 2020 meme with “Mentally I’m here”. Here are some of the best memes.

Funniest memes of 2020: “Mentally I’m here” is one of our faves

2020 needs to go away so we can spend 2021 recovering from the previous year. Many of us over the course of the past year have found new and interesting ways to escape some quarantine boredom. One thing to come out of 2020 is the lack of new and fresh memes because no one has time to create a new meme right now. Or do they?

As always the internet has prevailed because we have the funniest 2020 meme with “Mentally I’m here”. This meme shows that we are all mental messes despite the physical presence of our bodies. Or that we are wishing to be anywhere in the world or in the land of fiction that’s not under quarantine. 

Here are eleven great examples of the “Mentally I’m here” meme to show that 2020 does indeed have some funny memes in it. 

1. Welcome to Twin Peaks

Are you really having a 2020 existential crisis without being with the backward talking man in the red room from Twin Peaks? We don’t think so.

2. Seems valid

We don’t know our shellfish. But we’re pretty sure those are horseshoe crabs swarming a bag of Doritos. Big mood.

3. Rock bottom

Ah Spongebob. You always give us a lot of quality meme content. 2020 pretty is the year we all just collectively hit Rock Bottom, huh?

4. We’re all here

On the bed? Listening to music? Wishing for 2019 to return because we didn’t know how good we had it? Squidward is us all. 

5. Remember roller coasters?

Anyone else remembers physical roller coasters? We miss them too. The emotional ones aren’t fun at all. 

6. Midsommar breaks

How many women have shown their husbands/boyfriends the film Midsommar in order to end their relationship due to COVID-19? It’s probably more common than any of us thought.

7. We feel you, Knope

We’re all down in the Pit. All of us. Mentally.

8. Get out the sax and play “Careless Whisper”

Do you get where all these “Mentally I’m here” memes are going? It’s because existential dread is funny. We’re just those generations, folks.

9. Halloween!

We may be spending Halloween in quarantine, but that just means we can drag out the spooky festivities even more.

10. White noise on a loop

Sometimes, this is just more preferable than what new horrors that the news is promising to tell us.

11. We are all The Avengers

To live in 2012 when every fanfic of The Avengers was just them living in the tower and watching movies together.

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