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Meghan Markle gets blasted in the news every time Prince Andrew gets in trouble. Are they out to get her?

Memes: Meghan Markle gets more flack than Prince Andrew in the news

Looks like the meanest knows no bounds in certain places.

Case in point: How is it that Meghan Markle gets bashed in the news more than (alleged) Royal pedo Prince Andrew?

The UK Sun reported last week that Meghan changed her name on her son Archie’s birth certificate to include all the royal honorifics and ditching “Rachel Meghan”. However, Meghan herself corrected this statement saying that the decision was dictated by the Palace, not her. Incidentally, this change was made about a month after Archie’s birth way back on May 6, 2019.

Isn’t it interesting that this little piece of cutting – and erroneous – gossip came out the same week Prince Andrew’s name came up, again, in connection to the Jeffrey Epstein sex-trafficking scandal in the wake of Jean-Luc Brunel’s arrest in France? Just saying.

Yep, looks like a conspiracy.

Offenders on the offensive. Really, don’t you have some crimes to write about?

Can you say “scapegoat, much”

The truth shall set you free! Seriously, don’t you people fact check?

It just gets old . . . really old!

Keep givin’ ‘em hell, Harry!

Let freedom “ring”. It’s on the right finger.

Sometimes history repeats . . . and sometimes they pick the wrong one!

Like we said, the wrong one!

It’s the little things . . .


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