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The nude truth: Will Meghan Markle be sued over a fake podcast?

Did Meghan Markle really host all of those juicy interviews on her “Archetypes” podcast? As the buzz surrounding her and Prince Harry’s split with Spotify makes the rounds, there’s a royal-sized twist in the tale!

Podnews recently dropped a bombshell report suggesting that Meghan didn’t conduct all the interviews on her podcast herself. Instead, some were reportedly carried out by her skilled staff, with her voice getting seamlessly edited in later. The Post has been on the hunt, reaching out to reps for Markle and Archewell Audio to get the nude scoop.

This plot twist comes hot on the heels of the announcement that Spotify and Archewell Audio have amicably called it quits, as revealed in a joint statement to The Post. But, what’s the tea behind the breakup? Is a nude photo actually to blame? Let’s take a look!

Spotty saga

Archewell Audio, launched by the charismatic couple Harry and Meghan, allegedly didn’t churn out enough content to bag the full twenty million dollars they signed up for in 2020. But that doesn’t mean the Duchess is hanging up her podcasting headphones. In fact, she’s planning to dish out more content for the Archetypes audience on a different platform, as an Archewell Productions spokeswoman dished to The Wall Street Journal.

Archetypes, which kicked off in August, was the shining star and, alas, the only project that came out of the Spotify deal. It featured a sweet twelve episodes that dove into conversations around the labels holding women back, and not so much about nude photos.

Sportswriter and podcaster Bill Simmons wasn’t shy about voicing his disappointment. He got candid on his podcast, labeling the royal duo as grifters. Ouch!

Mic whispers?

Rumor mills started spinning when writer Allison Yarrow took to Instagram, flaunting her excitement to be part of the “visionary series”. But here’s the catch: Yarrow thanked an Archetypes producer for being an “excellent interviewer”, raising a flurry of questions. Did Meghan really chat with her guests?

The episodes were packed with Meghan engaging in deep dialogues with A-list celebs including Serena Williams, Paris Hilton, and Mindy Kaling. But the episodes also featured experts, with audio clips stitched in between Markle’s words. So, did she actually have heart-to-hearts with them?

With Archewell Audio not scoring a full payout from Spotify, it’s no surprise that Archetypes won’t be making a comeback for a second season. Spotify’s recent announcement to let go of 200 jobs as it revamps its podcast strategy, and not nude photos might have played a role.

What’s next

Harry and Meghan are not just about podcasts. In 2020, they also inked a whopping deal with Netflix estimated at around 100 million dollars. They didn’t disappoint with their six-part tell-all docuseries Harry & Meghan, which had viewers glued to their screens.

And who could forget Harry’s jaw-dropping memoir “Spare” that hit the shelves in January? Talk about spilling the royal beans!

As for Meghan, the former Suits star is on the move with her team, eyeing film and TV production opportunities, brand collabs, and empire building. Though it looks like a return to acting is off the cards.

As Meghan Markle’s podcasting saga comes to an end with Spotify, we’re left to wonder: what’s next for the Duchess of Sussex and the ever-dynamic royal duo? Will they continue to reign in the entertainment world, or is there a new venture on the horizon?


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