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Media Personality and Journalist Davonte Walker on the Dwalk Show

According to data gathered by Nielsen, radio reaches 92% of all adults in the US. Additionally, the average adult American listens to the radio for an hour and 39 minutes every day. Well over 3 billion people tune into the radio every week around the globe. These statistics demonstrate the importance of radio in global culture generally and American culture specifically. It is an undeniably popular medium and the appeal of radio broadcasting has by no means subsided. If anything technological advancements like smartphones have only made the radio more accessible than before. 

One example of a popular radio show is the Dwalk show which is hosted by Davonte Walker. Walker is an author, a radio personality and a journalist and he uses his platform to provide a space for inclusivity and positive social change. The Dwalk show is recorded in downtown Flint Michigan and this is where Walker is based. 

The Dwalk Show 

The Dwalk Show is a famous radio show which hosts unique and interesting artists and business personalities on a weekly basis. The show is currently running on 96.7 FM in Detroit. This show is continuing to gain popularity from the radio audience in America. As was mentioned previously the show was founded by Davonte Walker. The show was initially played on several radio stations in Flint, Michigan before moving to its current slot in Detroit. 

The primary focus of the show is to interview the individual or individuals from either a business or artistic background. This is what gives the show its unique edge along with the personality of Walker. In this show listeners can experience the music or other artistic creations of the personalities which he interviews as well as being given the opportunity to view their products. The show is recorded in downtown Flint and is later sent to Detroit. The show goes live on Facebook every Friday evening and the show can be heard on the radio every Saturday morning. 

Walker also sells the products of his interviewees at his own business Shops on Saginaw. During the course of running the show, Walker has interviewed over 1000 artists and over 500 clothing lines and businesses. He was also the first person to ever interview the father of the famous actor Terry Crews. As a result of this interview he was able to start his show at 92.1 FM in Detroit. Additionally, he has also interviewed a multitude of other well known artists such as RMC Mike, Krispy, Life Kidd and many others. 

Walker hosted an event in November of 2021 in which the famous artist which he has also interviewed, Jaraiyia Alize, performed her song for the professional boxing champion Claressa Shields. The event was well received and attended and it was also featured in the news. Walker has hosted other similar events to this one and is no stranger to the world of public entertainment. His natural charisma and his skill as a DJ make him well-suited for hosting shows and other live music events.

Walker is a famous radio personality, published author, journalist and entrepreneur. He has worked extremely hard in the industry to create a new status quo in the entertainment world. He currently writes as a journalist for the publication the Flint Courier News. He has also published a book called, From the Ground Up and he owns a business by the name of The World Marching Band Of Hip Hop. He also offers products from over 50 different businesses at his store which was previously mentioned. 

Final Thoughts 

Davonte Walker is a radio personality who hosts the increasingly popular radio show, The Dwalk Show. On his show he hosts interviews with famous artists and business people and this, in conjunction with his personality, is what gives the show its unique edge. He has been able to develop a following for himself and his art through a consistent work ethic and unstoppable perseverance. He also cares deeply about the community in which he lives and is an activist for the plight of the community in Flint.

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