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Lifetime reality show 'Married at First Sight' has gone on for eleven seasons with not many successful marriages. Here are the craziest moments.

‘Married at First Sight’: Relive the craziest moments from this Lifetime show

The entire premise of Married at First Sight is . . . cringeworthy. This Lifetime reality TV show has gone on for eleven seasons starting in 2014, with not too many successful marriages to reflect on. Some relationships born on Lifetime’s Married at First Sight were doomed from the very beginning. 

As soon as some couples saw each other walking down the aisle, they instantly realized they were not destined to be each other’s “forever person”. Other couples really tried hard to make things work by sticking it out and communicating to the best of their abilities. 

In case the title isn’t self-explanatory enough, Married at First Sight is Lifetime’s show about two strangers who marry each other on the very first day that they meet based on expert matchmakers who compare personality & character traits. This show is filled with crazy reality TV moments no one will ever be able to forget.

When Matt cheated on Amber . . . the whole time (season 9)

During season 9 of this Lifetime show, Amber Bowles excitedly married Matthew Gwynne. She was all in & ready to make things work between them. He was a professional basketball player and she was a full-time teacher. On their wedding day, Amber was so excited about how attractive he was and she had high hopes for the future of their relationship. Unfortunately, things took a negative turn very quickly.

Matthew spent multiple nights out & about minus his wife and she eventually learned that he was cheating on her with multiple other women. Her suspicions were confirmed when she discovered his wedding ring hidden at home on one of the nights that he decided to leave without saying a word to her. She has since divorced him and moved on. Good for her!

Vaughn & Monet’s divorce over sex refusal (season 1)

Vaughn & Monet seemed to be smitten after getting married at first sight on season 1 of the show – but they ended up splitting just six months later. Apparently, she had foot surgery and wasn’t in the mood to be sexually active while she was in recovery. He was pushing her to be sexual anyway and that is what caused her to draw the line. She realized that she no longer wanted to be with someone like him.

They discussed the whole ordeal during their reunion episode and he didn’t deny a single thing. He explained that their high libidos made him want to avoid a break in the intimacy. 

Elizabeth bored of Jamie’s “basic Caucasian sex” (season 9)

Elizabeth & Jamie are still happily married to this day, but when their season was being filmed, it didn’t seem like they were going to make it in the long-haul. They had so many issues and even stormed out on each other multiple times. It just didn’t seem like they were built to last on Married at First Sight

Somehow, they have worked through their issues and are happily married with a YouTube vlog to prove it. One of the biggest issues they had in the show was Elizabeth’s boredom with Jamie’s sexual interests. She was annoyed that he wanted to have sex at least once a day but it always happened to be “basic Caucasian sex”. The hilariously iconic line has been used & reused many times when people think back on the show.

Zach going on dates behind Mindy’s back (season 10)

Lifetime’s Married at First Sight features Zach & Mindy’s marriage during season 10. Although she was on board to make things work between the two, he wasn’t exactly on the same page. He didn’t spend as much time with new wife Mindy as he probably should have . . . but he was keen on spending time with other women. One of those women happened to be Mindy’s best friend Lindsay!

Instead of waiting for decision day to call it quits, Mindy decided to break up with Zach as soon as she found out the bombshell secret. By the time the reunion episode came around, she found out that he had also gone on a date with another woman named Katie from the show. He wasn’t slick about his infidelities in the slightest. 

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