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Has Lottie Tomlinson just confirmed the Larry Stylinson theory? Check out what happened on her IG.

Who’s Lottie Tomlinson? Here’s all the tea spilled in her IG Q&A

Although it’s been a decade since One Direction formed in the British show The X Factor, the band’s fans are still as loyal as ever. 1D stans still show a lot of love & support for the band members (even those who aren’t in the band anymore), so when there’s a rumor about one of them, the internet reacts accordingly.

One Direction stans went crazy today over Lottie Tomlinson’s Instagram activity. Fans took Lottie’s answers as proof for the Larry Stylinson theory which was widely spread among One Direction fans.

What seemed like an innocent Q&A session for Lottie Tomlinson, turned into a huge deal now that fans have started reading a little too much into what Lottie said. Check out why Twitter has exploded over Lottie’s IG Q&A.

Larry Stylinson

To understand what’s going on in Lottie Tomlinson’s Instagram, we need to go back to the early days of One Direction. It all started with a fan theory about a secret relationship between Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson which is where the couple name Larry Stylinson came from.

Like any other crazy theory from the early 2010s, supporters of the Larry Stylinson theory tried their best to provide proof in the form of videos, photographs, and quotes. Some supporters were as far as writing fanfics about Larry Stylinson which filled up Tumblr.

Larry Stylinson was such a big phenomenon, Harry Styles & Louis Tomlinson had to distance themselves in public appearances and started being extra careful with what they said. For most, the Larry Stylinson theory had died long ago. However, Larry was brought back to life recently with Lottie Tomlinson’s IG activity.

Who’s Lottie Tomlinson?

Charlotte Elizabeth Tomlinson, better known as Lottie Tomlinson, is Louis Tomlinson’s half-sister. She joined Louis in the One Direction tours where she started learning from Lou Teasdale, the band’s stylist.

Lottie’s hard work has definitely paid off. Back in the mid-2010s, Lottie was credited as the mastermind behind the rainbow roots trends. Now, Lottie has created her own self-tanning brand called Tanologist and she’s been collaborating with Bebe Rexha, Huda Beauty, and Miles Langford.

Lottie has almost four million followers on Instagram and that’s precisely where the whole Larry Stylinson was brought back to life.

Reactions to Larry

Earlier today, Lottie Tomlinson posted a story on Instagram telling her followers to ask her a question. A user asked her what her favorite One Direction song was to which she replied with the lyrics to “18” with a photograph of cherries as a background. Oof, there’s a lot to unpack here.

Larry Stylinson supporters think Lottie is sending a message. While we don’t know if her cryptic photo truly has an alternate meaning, there are definitely too many coincidences we can’t just overlook. Let’s start with the whole discussion about fruits.

Fans knowing everything about their favorite artist isn’t unusual, and that includes knowing their favorite fruit. Anyone who’s been following One Direction since the beginning, and particularly Harry Styles, knows he loves bananas. He also has a song titled “Kiwi” and another one from his recent album Fine Line named “Cherry”.

Turns out, Lottie had posted a comment on a picture of cherries on Instagram in which she also mentioned bananas & kiwis. Even though this means nothing to most people, 1D stans automatically think of Harry Styles when they see all these fruits.

Today, when Lottie Tomlinson was asked what her favorite One Direction song was, she replied with the same cherry image she had commented with other fruits and the song “18”. Again, for most people, this wouldn’t mean much but Larry Stylinston shippers know “18” is the ultimate Harry Styles & Louis Tomlinson song out there.

In the chorus of “18”, Harry Styles sings “I have loved you since we were eighteen, long before we both thought the same thing”. For years, Larry Stylinson fans have theorized it’s Harry’s song for Louis and now people think this image was Lottie Tomlinson’s way of confirming the Larry Stylinson theory.

Do you think Lottie Tomlinson was sending a message about Larry Stylinson? Tell us in the comments!

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    February 17, 2021

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