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A member of Global Film Actors Agency, Lindsey Beier, will play the role of Violet in the first film of 'The Trilogy'. Learn more about her role now.

An Irish Angel, Actress Lindsey Beier, Joins the Cast of Bruno Pischiutta’s Project, “The Trilogy”

A member of Global Film Actors Agency, Lindsey Beier, will play the role of Violet in the first film of The Trilogy.
By Bruno Pischiutta

Lindsey Beier is an Irish actress living in London. She has always been very interested in theatre, film, dance and music. The highlights of her life are related to her training and her career.

At the age of 12, Lindsey travelled to the UK to gain work experience at the ITV Studios. At 16, she auditioned to join a dance group that would take her to Los Angeles to represent Ireland at the World Performing Arts Championships; this achievement had been one of her early goals. While in LA, she was yet again awarded a scholarship at the Millennium Dance Complex in Hollywood, CA.

In 2010, Lindsey formally moved to England and auditioned and was accepted for a two-year performing arts course that would result in a BTEC degree from Abingdon and Witney College, Oxfordshire. She studied music, dance, drama and acting techniques, including the Stanislavski Method and the Alexander Technique. She has meanwhile participated in theatre productions such as A Midsummer Night’s Dream and A Chorus Line.

During her first summer in the UK, Lindsey returned to Los Angeles to pursue her scholarship. During her stay, she attended dance classes at the Millennium Dance Complex, the dance studio that has seen Britney Spears, Usher and Janet Jackson perform in the past. Lindsey’s scholarship was extended for another year.

Back in England, she went on to be cast in the TV series Morse, Lewis and Endeavour, while also taking roles in films and music videos. To further her craft, she took one-to-one acting classes with actress Laura Penneycard.

Lindsey is represented by Global Film Actors Agency, a Division of Global Film Studio.

The Trilogy, the highly anticipated project that is touching on sensitive and very actual subjects of our time such a freedom of speech, the sexualization of children, Satanism, and pedophilia, is the latest creation of Maestro Bruno Pischiutta, who wrote the original screenplays. The Trilogy consists of three feature films and three documentaries that will be produced by Bruno Pischiutta and Daria Trifu. The motion pictures will be directed by Pischiutta while the documentaries will be directed by Trifu.

Bruno Pischiutta is an internationally celebrated and awarded writer, director and producer whose career spans more than five decades. He is especially noted for his socially and existentially oriented films.

Pischiutta is one of the last great Italian filmmakers of his generation. During his career, he created and developed numerous feature films in Europe, America, Africa and Asia, and won important awards in several countries. 

In China he wrote and developed the feature film The Sepia Portrait, and in Ghana he completed the feature Punctured Hope, which the Hollywood Political Film Society recognized as the Best Film Exposé and Best Film on Human Rights of that year, and proposed it for nomination at the Academy Awards®.

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