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Ready for a trip down memory lane? TikTok fans have brought back the young Lindsay Lohan with David Letterman. Take a look at the controversial interview.

Will motherhood mean Lindsay Lohan is retiring from movies?

Motherhood, is there any other role in life with a higher level of complexity? Think about it, once you have a child, life is never again about you, not to depreciate men’s role parenting, but especially when you’re a woman. Our girl Lindsay Lohan recently made her comeback to the screen and just announced she is pregnant with her first baby! Will this stop her from acting? 

There are several actresses who are also mothers, let’s not forget that actors have an actual life aside from the characters they play. Nonetheless, the first years of a baby are highly stressful and demanding to their parents, also, women go through abysmal changes both in an emotional and a physical plane. But what’s Lindsay’s case so far? What has the star reported? 

We all know Lohan left her mean girl phase many years ago, nevertheless, for her to become a mother can be shocking news to many of us. Further than her wild past that got mediatically exposed, the truth is that it feels like we grew up with Lindsay’s movies, we mean, can we talk about The Parent Trap?  Lindsay Lohan has been a referent for many of us, does this mean it is time to settle down once and for all? 

The big announcement 

While Rihanna decided to do a Superbowl Halftime show to announce her pregnancy, Lindsay Lohan went with the safe instagram post. The truth is that it’s a simple post of a baby onesie with the text “Coming soon…”, but we don’t need anything else to understand what’s going on right?  Her husband Bader Shammas is tagged on the post with the caption “We are blessed and excited!”

Leslie Sloane, who is Lohan’s publicist, confirmed in a statement that our star is pregnant & excited for this next chapter in her life and honestly so are we! Motherhood would be chosen or it would not be and in this particular case it’s clear that Lohan is confident and excited to be a mother. Also she counts with a supportive partner and a fan base that will definitely never leave alone! 

The instagram post has barely an hour online and the celeb has already received several comments from other public figures like Kathy Hilton and Quinta Brunson. Lindsay got engaged with Shammas in November 2021 and just got married last summer, nonetheless, it looks like the perfect timing for both of them. Lindsay Lohan has shared to feel like the luckiest girl in the world by her husband’s side! 

As fans, we’re definitely excited for our girl to be happy and accomplish her personal dreams, but we do wonder about her professional ones. Does this mean we will have to wait another ten years to watch her perform in a new movie? Anyway, whatever happens is only her choice and we’ll be happy to see her self-realized and in love with her family. 

There was a time when Lindsay Lohan was absolute chick-flick royalty. We take a look back at some of the most iconic LiLo films of the 00s. Nostalgia alert!

Lindsay Lohan Movies 

It looks like her Labor Pains will eventually come true in some months! For many of us it is frankly impossible to choose our favorite movie starring Lindsay Lohan. Just think of her movies The Parent Trap (1998), Freaky Friday (2003), Mean Girls (2004), Drama Queen (That Girl) (2004), Harvey Fully loaded (2005). They’re all so iconic that it’s impossible to choose a favorite one! 

Lohan’s movies have marked an era full of inside jokes and a culture for more than one generation, just ask yourself why is that on Wednesdays we wear pink! Although many fans weren’t that attracted to her comeback Netflix movie Falling for Christmas there’s no way this queen loses her iconic place in our hearts. 

It’s soon to formulate an opinion or even a theory regarding her professional future, yet, as fans, we’ll be happy to  know that she has finally found peace & happiness. We waited long enough to see her on screen again, and we can  certainly keep waiting if she decides to take time from movies again! 

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