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Light novels and manga are both wildly popular means of storytelling. Find out what the differences between them are here.

What are the differences between Light Novels & Manga?

Want to read some essential classic and modern stories but not sure how? Then you might be missing some basic knowledge of where to access the new and latest novels and get updates every hour. Manga and light novels are the ways of storytelling that have given a significant breakthrough to the Western people, but few of them know about the difference between light novels and manga. 

Well, we will take a long to reveal the exciting information regarding the Manga VS Light novel.

What Is Manga?

If you have a bit of Japanese literature knowledge, you must have heard about the word Manga. It is the most common word for the readers who keep researching some exciting stories from the East. 

Manga is a Japanese way of graphic storytelling that has a long history behind its global popularity. The manga became a unique way of storytelling and got recognition in the 1950s after the Second World War when the illustrators and artists described the heartbreaking stories of the people who suffered in the war. It contains many images and illustrations that trigger emotions and make it attractive for people of all ages. 

If we talk about the content type, mangas are available on almost all the topics, and they can be about just anything. 

What Is a Light Novel?

You must have storybooks with fewer words and more images. From here, you can get an idea of what the light novel is. When the photos are used in the story to add the element of interest and imagery and power the words, the light novel comes into being. 

Light novels have a narrative structure that is often missing in the manga. 

Light Novel VS Manga

Both light novels and manga are ways of storytelling and involve illustrations to grab the readers’ attention. However, manga contains a relatively high number of images compared to the light novel and comes up with more interesting graphical information. On the other hand, light novels include images with every single line, and both the text and images are used to describe the story. The use of images in light novels is less as compared to the manga. 

By the way, the Panda novel is a great resource where you can read a lot of Mangas, fictional stories, and light novels according to your taste and age group. 

Let’s understand the differences in a few points.

  • Manga is full of illustrations, while the light novel seems like the normal novellas with many images. 
  • The history of manga and light novels reveals that it is older in the Japanese culture and has deeper roots. 
  • In Manga, the illustrations are a significant source to create emotions in people’s minds, while light novels use words to approach the readers’ hearts. 
  • Light novels can be a bit less visually attractive and only people of specific age like to read them. On the other hand, too many illustrations in the manga make it interesting for people of all ages, regions, and languages. Manga has the potential to transcend the borders and directly affect emotions. 
  • In the US, the light novel is also called a novella as it can contain at least 250 pages with words and images, just like regular novellas. 

Now you can understand that these are the unique and different ways of storytelling that look similar but actually are not. 

Are you inspired yet? Here are the free light novel websites!

It is a fantastic platform where you can learn about the latest light novels created in the Eastern world every day. The English text of the novel in Panda Novel is translated from Chinese by the translator; thereby, all the resources are free online. Moreover, there are interesting functions like audio books for you to enjoy the Chinese light novels with different genres.

TapRead is also an amazing novel website to read light novels and Mangas online but with fewer novel genres than the Panda Novel to choose. It can be your fictional stories hub where you can enjoy many stories such as free light novels, including the weekly hits. 

  • Wattpad

Wattpad is a mature novel website with a bunch of all kinds of novel genres to read online. But not all the novels on Wattpad are free; there are excellent paid stories that are worthy of reading. Wattpad can be your resource of light novels that will allow you to enter the new world of imagination, and it keeps updating and connects you to the novels that you will never forget. 


Both manga and light novels are exciting ways of storytelling that give you a chance to feel the imagination of the most exciting minds. Now, since you know the difference between light novel and manga, which one do you want to read? Have you ever read a light novel or a manga? 

Make a quick comment right now and share your experiences with us.

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