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Here's the most important info you need to know about 'One Piece''s upcoming Oscar buzz if social media wasn't enough!

Discover why manga fans are truly hating Netflix’s ‘One Piece’

Is the high sea calling you too? Sail into the captivating world of Netflix’s brand-new live-action adaptation of One Piece that just dropped a thrilling trailer, sending fans into frenzy.

This adaptation is based on Eiichiro Oda’s mega-popular manga and anime series from Japan. A treasure that fans have been eagerly waiting for, the trailer was officially launched at Netflix’s fan event in São Paulo, Brazil.

Meet Luffy, portrayed by Iñaki Godoy, the rubber-limbed captain of the Straw Hat Pirates. Ever since he was a child, Luffy has dreamt of sailing the high seas, in search of the ultimate treasure called One Piece. 

Anchors away

In the trailer, we hear Luffy set the stage for an adventure of a lifetime: “Ever since I was a kid, the sea’s been calling me, so I’m setting out to follow my dreams. I’m going to be King of the Pirates – all I need is a loyal crew.”

Rallying behind Luffy are his fiercely loyal crew members. Mackenyu takes on the role of Roronoa Zoro, while Emily Rudd stars as Nami. Jacob Romero Gibson appears as Usopp, and Taz Skylar breathes life into Sanji. Together, they embark on thrilling escapades through islands and oceans, battling rival pirates and other challenges on their quest.

Twitter was ablaze as fans shared their excitement – some even claiming that their highlight wasn’t just the trailer, but seeing Iñaki and the gang speak with passion about One Piece and their character aspirations.

Manga to screen

One Piece, an iconic gem in the manga world, has a long and celebrated history since its first volume was published in July 1997. It’s not just a manga, but a phenomenon! The anime adaptation followed, premiering in October 1999 and becoming a global success.

Enter the live-action adaptation, a brainchild of Matt Owens and Steven Maeda. It’s brought to life by Tomorrow Studios, who were also behind the recent adaptation of Cowboy Bebop on Netflix. They’ve been on the grind since 2017, making sure this beloved manga is crafted into a live-action series with all the heart and excitement the fans deserve.

One Piece is more than just a pirate’s tale; it’s a story that spans cultures and borders. This adaptation reflects the diversity and spirit of One Piece. The cast and crew hail from various countries, and, according to creator Eiichiro Oda, they’re brimming with love and passion for the series.

Global adventure

One thing’s for sure; it’s a labor of love, backed by an international team that aims to set the screen ablaze with an adventurous spirit. Marty Adelstein, executive producer, has expressed his excitement and commitment to making this adaptation a phenomenal success, saying it could be one of the most expensive shows ever made but is absolutely worth it.

Get ready to be swept off your feet and taken on a thrilling journey across the oceans. Loyal fans and newcomers alike are bound to find something to love in this live-action adaptation of a beloved classic.

So, swashbucklers, are you ready to hoist the sails and join Luffy and his crew on a treasure hunt like no other?


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