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If you don’t know your Internet pop culture history, then good news. Here’s all you need to know about Liam Kyle Sullivan, “Shoes”, and “Masks”.

Oh my god, ‘Shoes’! You need to see the Liam Kyle Sullivan sequel now

It’s time to travel back in time to 2007. Before the world became the dumpster fire that we know it today, there was OG Youtube. It was a magical and odd place at times. There was a star rating system. There were things like Charlie the Unicorn and Foamy the Squirrel. And, of course, there was the viral hit known as “Shoes” from Liam Kyle Sullivan. 

Now 14 years later, Liam Kyle Sullivan returns all dragged up as his alter ego “Kelly” because we need to talk about “Masks”. Clearly, some of y’all haven’t gotten the lesson about how we need to wear face masks in 2020! 

Now if you’re confused, or don’t know your Internet pop culture history, then good news. Here’s all you need to know about Liam Kyle Sullivan, “Shoes”, and “Masks”.

What is “Shoes”?

In 2007, Liam Kyle Sullivan created Kelly, which is his bitchy teenage drag persona. The comedian made a four-minute video/song about how all Kelly wants is some freaking shoes. She doesn’t care that her mom thinks that she’s a whore. Just give her all the shoes she wants. The OG version of the sketch has racked up millions of views.

Ask any millennial or go up to them with a deadpan tone and says, “Shoes”, they will be somewhat aware of what you’re talking about. Apparently, 2020 is just enough of a dumpster fire of a year that Liam Kyle Sullivan decided to bring Kelly back to teach you all about face masks.


If you’re worried about “Masks” failing as a sequel to “Shoes”, then don’t worry about it. It definitely measures up while also fitting the times. “Masks” does take the whole idea of “Shoes” and just sub it in. That would be the lazy way. Instead, Liam Kyle Sullivan updates the situation for 2020. It includes a Zoom call to her parents, her father being “a woke” now that he’s read a book, and her mother not believing in masks.

This is the start of the whole sketch. Kelly teaches her mother about why it’s important to wear a face mask during a pandemic. She even has a mask covered in shoes on it! Good job, Kelly! Live your truth. 

Anything else that I need to know?

The only thing that you need to know is that “Masks” is just what we need for these troubled times. Not only is it a sequel to a deeply nostalgic video done well, it also features someone going off on their parents for not listening to the CDC. Because, seriously, just wear a mask. It hurts no one.

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