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Let’s talk 2024 Oscar nominations 

Whether you’re a movie enthusiast, a critic, or you just follow the news, it’s impossible not to hear about the Oscar nominations of each year. And this year’s nominations have sparked some serious reactions.

The Academy Awards(Oscars) are awards given for different merits in the film industry. Some of the well known categories include best actress/actor, best director or best picture. The nominations are made only by members of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences who also vote later on. 

Let’s see this year’s most talked about nominations and get into why they sparked so much debate.


After the huge box office success that Barbie had after its premiere, it was expected that the Oscar nomination would be raining on for this movie. So when the two main women Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig did not get a nomination, people started commenting on it. In a movie about feminism, it was ironic to see Ryan Gosling(Ken) get a nomination, but not Margot Robbie(Barbie). The reality is that the reasoning and philosophy of the movie doesn’t count towards the nominations, only the artistic performance of the actors/directors. And the battle for best actress is only between women, Ken has nothing to do with that. The Academy nominated America Fererra for the best supporting actress, and the movie got some recognition with other nominations as well. So this feminist manifesto movie still stands high and its message should not at all be lost because of the technicalities of the Oscars.

Cillian Murphy

The man himself, Cillian Murphy is the hot topic of the moment. After his immaculate performance in Oppenheimer, Cillian has got a lot of recognition and an Oscar nomination for best actor. Every critic who saw the movie would most probably agree that Cillian’s performance is worth a nomination, if not the Oscar itself. But for Cillian Murphy, who went through another wave of global fame with Peaky Blinders, this nomination seems to come as a surprise. From Irish flat caps and street gangs to developing an atomic bomb, this man has seen it all…through his characters. But judging by the interviews, he keeps his calm and casual vibe and continues to be humble and appreciative of the events happening in his life, thanking everyone around him.

Poor Things

When everyone was expecting Barbie and Oppenheimer to fight for all the Oscars, a recently released movie came to surprise us: Poor Things. A stunning and philosophical science fiction movie starring Emma Stone as the main character, and with Willem Dafoe and Mark Ruffalo as supporting characters. The movie got numerous nominations and is very probable to win at least some of them. With beautiful scenography, costumes perfected to the last detail, a mind twisting plot and incredible actor performances, this movie came in at the last moment and gave everyone the shock they needed. 

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