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No wonder theater teacher Maria Kurz wants to pull her hair out in web series 'La-Di-Da'. Here's why you'll want to watch 'La-Di-Da'.

Here’s why you’ll want to fall in love with web series ‘La-Di-Da’

The world of drama is a frightening one. Job instability, mean girls wherever you look, and trying to create the performance of your life no matter the material, it’s stressful stuff. Now imagine having to teach a young generation of actors these values. 

No wonder theater teacher Maria Kurz wants to pull her hair out in web series La-Di-Da. But the series, created by Pranav Kothary and Bianca Waechter takes the world of theater in stride, through the optimistic eyes of Kurz, brilliantly played by Waechter. There’s a lot to love with this web series.

It’s made by actors, for actors

Waechter is a graduate of the NYU Tisch School of the Arts, with double teachings from the Stella Adler Studio of Acting and Stonestreet Studios for Film. She’s also experienced in the Commedia dell’arte, with training from Florence, Italy. It’s hard not to call Waechter anything but an actor. 

Writing based on her own acting school experiences, Kurz is the teacher any acting student wishes they could have. Anyone who considers themselves an actor will find something to enjoy out of Kurz’s fictional classes. 

Bringing indie film charm to a series format

Both Waechter and Kothary are NYU grads with film experience. It’s clear they have some indie film cred outside of La-Di-Da. But transforming that emotion and rawness into a web series is even more impressive.

Anyone and everyone knows TV and film are two completely different mediums meant for different stories. It’s hard for the two to share techniques. Yet, somehow, these two have managed to do just that. The full version of La-Di-Da feels like something you’d watch at a short film festival, yet it’s just as functional as a web series. 

Talented forcing working together

On their own, Waechter and Kothary have accomplished plenty since starting in the industry. Waechter co-wrote her own comedic play, Extraordinary Aliens, that she starred in in LA and NYC. She also starred in the short Savage directed by Columbia MFA student Timothy Judd. 

Kothary has been going crazy in the short film world, directing two films in 2018. Midnight’s Love in May, had Kothary as the lead actor and writer, while Coming Home in December had Kothary wearing all the behind the scenes hats as writer, director, and editor. Waechter also starred in the film.

You can check out the latest collaboration between Waechter and Kothary on Youtube now, and follow both Waechter and Kothary to see what projects the two are working on next.

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