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Will Kylie Jenner’s kid Stormi be following in the footsteps of her mother very soon? Take a look at their next business venture.

Could Kylie Jenner’s kid become the youngest billionaire *ever*?

Will Kylie Jenner’s kid Stormi be following in the footsteps of her mother very soon? Well, that’s exactly what it looks like as Kylie Jenner just recently announced her three-year-0ld kid not only has her own office, but is also working hard on her own brand that will be launching soon. 

How on earth can a three-year-old young child have their own business? Let’s take a look at all the details Kylie has given fans so far here. 

A new brand? 

Kylie Jenner really takes bring-your-child-to-work-day very seriously, but it’s everyday for her kid. Apparently, the entrepreneur and social media influencer revealed that her three-year-old daughter Stormi not only has her own office with her at the Kylie Cosmetics headquarters, but the little girl has also been “working on her own brand” that will be launching very soon. So what exactly is Stormi going to be selling? 

Nothing has been confirmed yet, but fans have been theorizing that Kylie Jenner’s kid could be launching something related to Kylie Baby, which was a mysterious company that the Kylie Jenner had dropped hints about earlier in June after she posted a photo of her kid with the caption “bath time with @kyliebaby”. The Instagram handle led to a brand new verified Instagram account, which did not have any content whatsoever. 

However, the Instagram handle has since garnered over 800,000 followers! People are speculating that Kylie Baby could be baby products that could range from skincare to haircare, baby strollers, cribs, all the way to diapers as well. It was even reported that Kylie Jenner already filed applications to trademark the term “Kylie Baby” earlier last year. So for all you parents out there, Kylie Baby might just be your next go-to brand. 

All about Stormi

Anyone who keeps up with Kylie Jenner knows that the social media influencer and billionaire would do absolutely anything for her kid. “Stormi is my legacy”, the star told Tmrw magazine. “I’m raising her to be smart and kind and driven”, she said, and added that she believes her child will “take over Kylie Cosmetics one day”. She also expressed that “Becoming a mom was the biggest change for me”.

I’ve grown so much as a person and I continue to grow every single day. I love learning and I’m trying to be the best person I can possibly be”, Kylie Jenner reflected about herself after having her kid. The entrepreneur also recently expressed: “I think you’re a product of who you surround yourself with. My sisters and my mom have been huge influences on me, and have really shaped me into who I am”.

“Stormi has such strong women — and men — in her life, but she has a lot of strong women to look up to”, she said, reflecting on all the powerful women in her life. In a recent YouTube series, she also shared more on Stormi’s new role as a business lady. “She has her own office where she gets all her business done”, Kylie Jenner said, and even had her kid show off a desk she “works” at. 

As for the upcoming “little secret brand” that Kylie Jenner and her kid Stormi are working on, the entrepreneur expressed that “We’ve been working on it for a while, but finally it’s pedal to the metal”. In the video, Stormi could be seen running around playfully all over the Kylie Cosmetics building, joining in on business meetings, and more. How adorable!

In another part of the recent YouTube video, the Kylie Cosmetics chief commercial officer even stressed that she believes all the workers in the company will “be working for Stormi” in the future. Well, considering the little three-year-old is about to be releasing a new brand, we definitely wouldn’t be surprised to see that happening down the line. 

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