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KISS PR Rated Best Press Release Distribution Review

Low Cost – Large Distribution Press Release Service with potential reach to Yahoo, Google News, AP & 5000 News Websites.

While having lunch with a friend, we discussed the benefits of blogs in generating new business leads. Both of us use blogging and social media for marketing, and he explained how some companies’ press release distribution platforms generate hundreds of qualified leads each month for his team. I replied that my company is ramping up use of press releases as an amplification tool besides blogging. He asked if I used any other marketing channels besides blogging.

I didn’t think about it much afterward until later that night when I was looking at Google search results of my competitors and I saw press releases all over. To my dismay, I saw Google search full of press releases from AP News, TopWire News,  Market Watch, Yahoo News in top prominent results.

I was about to close my browser when a hyperlink at the bottom of the post caught my attention: it linked to a company called KISS PR press release service.  

I started to think about what my friend had told me earlier in the day. I don’t know anyone who’s built a company based off of press releases alone, but here are some examples from KISS PR:

After half an hour of research on KISS PR, I decided to give them a try.

Fast Forward Two Months.  Currently our company receives leads while doing nothing except uploading content into their system. We use one of their custom packages and it’s been working wonders for us! Our cost per lead is $10/lead with anything over that going back to our pocket as profit! I’m really glad we switched to them instead of treading alone into the sea of internet marketing.

After spending $149 for a press release I found I was on the first page of Google and also my top level keyword was on the first page of Google.  I have been using the service since 2018 and by spending a monthly spend of $500 I have been able to build a content lead machine using KISS PR.

I am a consumer of KISS PR services and I found that they have been able to generate me leads for my business. They are the best press release service as they understand their clients needs and this is clear from how well they handle all aspects of the press releases.   Also, I believe KISS PR is one of the cheapest you can find out there, especially considering what you get in return for your money.

As far as customer support goes, it’s great! You will get a response within 24 hours on any questions you may have about your account or getting help with writing better content or picking better keywords to target. The whole process from paying down to activation takes around 3 days which isn’t very long at all.

They have helped with every step of the way, from writing content to getting us on all these sites like CNN, Bloomberg and top news websites. If you are looking for a service that can make your life easier while increasing the size of your business then I highly recommend giving KISS PR a try as they have already done wonders for ours!

It has been an absolute pleasure working with the staff at KISS PR and we are looking forward to a long term relationship with them. The press releases they have sent out for us have been getting thousands of visitors on each release when it hits, and this has resulted in tons of site traffic (and subsequently sales/leads) for our business. I would highly recommend using KISS PR as they have provided me nothing but results, both personally and for my company.

They were able to write up our releases in just two days! The customer support is absolutely top notch. If you’ve ever worked with other SEO related companies such as white hat SEO firms, you know that their customer service can be lacking or nonexistent at times. With Press Release Services Distribution from KISS PR, you will receive replies back from them within a few hours! The customer support is very responsive and extremely helpful! Since I’ve gone with KISS PR, they’re able to write up our releases in just two days.

If you want guaranteed traffic to your website, I recommend that you sign up for their services now. You will not be disappointed! Their pricing is affordable and the service quality that you’ll receive is great. If you have a product or business, this is a no brainer press release website site. Any company can benefit from a press release SEO service such as KissPR since it helps keep your name out in front of people who are looking for businesses like yours everyday on Google & other search engines out there.

This was important to us because we were seeing a steady decline in traffic from our High SEO Rankings on Search Engines.

Our experience with KISS PR has been fantastic, and I would highly recommend their service to anyone looking for Press Release Services. They have been able to get my business website up on a bunch of different news websites within just days of initiating the free Google News program (the day after submitting our first press release).

After spending $99 for a single press release I found I was on the first page of Google , but also my top level keyword was on the first page of Google.  This is not just great news for yours truly, but it’s even better news when you consider that every single sale is making me at least a 10% profit margin.

All in all, I would definitely use KISS PR again if I needed to get a Press Release done! But my hopes are that they use some of this extra free traffic from Google to bring our website visitors up and help increase sales even more!

They Get Results – The results speak for themselves ! Our press release was placed on over 200 websites in just two days after we paid them! If you need quality press release services at an incredibly affordable price then KISS PR is for you.

KISS PR released a Press Release within 2 Days and got it posted on over 300 High Traffic News Websites.  They also offer white label press release service. 

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