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Will Kim's reported comeback as Samantha breathe fresh life into the Sex and the City universe? See what her net worth says!

The nude truth: Is Kim Cattrall coming back to ‘Sex and the City’?

Could And Just Like That… Season 2 be the surprise hit of the summer? Season 1 kept us glued to our screens, sucked into the whirlwind lives of Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte, but left us craving more. 

For all of the thirst traps the ladies have posted over the decades before there were words for it, the nude truth behind one of the main characters persist. Just what is Kim Catrall actually up to in this day and age of sexual expression?

Let’s dive into all the nude details.

The return

Set a decade after Sex and the City 2, this revival series brings back the New York City trio we’ve come to adore, engrossed in their customary chaotic adventures. However, while the series received a mix of applause and critique, it was impossible to ignore the gaping hole left by Kim Cattrall’s conspicuous absence as the legendary Samantha Jones.

The absence of Kim from the reboot followed years of rumored tension among the cast. She previously labelled her co-stars as “toxic” and alleged conflicts behind the scenes regarding a potential third Sex and the City movie. The public squabble between Kim and Sarah Jessica Parker (SJP) escalated, culminating in Kim’s decision not to return for the new series.

When asked about her conspicuous absence from And Just Like That…, Kim revealed to Variety that she wasn’t invited to be part of the reboot. Her feelings were made clear after the contentious third movie discussions, leading her to discover the revival news the same way we all did — on social media. Does that mean nude photos also entered the mix? So far, the answer is no…or maybe just not yet.

SJP confirmed Kim’s statement, acknowledging that her return seemed untenable after she expressed disinterest, making the cast feel uncomfortable. Thus, Samantha’s absence in Season 1 was rationalized through her relocation to London and a falling out with Carrie.

Some hope?

The first season of the Sex and the City revival concluded with an unexpected twist — a text exchange between Carrie and Samantha in the finale, with Samantha agreeing to meet her in Paris.

Fast-forward to today, as Variety discloses the potential return of Kim as Samantha in a cameo in the And Just Like That… Season 2 finale.

According to sources, Kim’s return will be limited to a single scene, shot in New York City in March, with dialogue that bypassed interaction with any of the series’ stars, including SJP. The scene in question features a phone conversation between Samantha and Carrie, rekindling their on-screen chemistry.

What’s next

Adding to the excitement, Patricia Field, the acclaimed Sex and the City costume designer who opted out of the reboot, styled Samantha for the scene. Patricia and Kim have maintained a strong friendship, even collaborating on Kim’s forthcoming Netflix series Glamorous.

As it stands, And Just Like That… Season 2 is scheduled to premiere on June 22 on Max. The question remains: Will Kim’s reported comeback as Samantha breathe fresh life into the Sex and the City universe?


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