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Key differences between Facebook and Instagram for business

We currently live in a world with many competitors. In fact, more and more companies are created and many are dedicated to offering the same services as us, which makes it increasingly difficult for us to stand out from the rest. This is why more and more companies are teaming up and business partners are becoming so fashionable. To combat all this, a number of tools have been created or have emerged that are very effective in developing a good digital marketing strategy. With the help of these mechanisms we can manage to clearly differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

Although there are many social networks and every day new ones come out, the truth is that at the moment both Facebook and Instagram are leading, and remain the most used by most companies and businesses, to the point that almost today it is perceived as essential to have a facebook profile and another instagram profile open so that our followers can view the content we upload and the products we sell.

The most important differences between both social Media

1. Audience

The first of the notable differences is the audience. For starters we have to see that in Facebook most of the people who have their profiles open on this social network are older people, in fact predominantly those over 40 years old whereas Instagram is usually aimed at a younger audience since most are under 30 years old. Therefore, it is important to know the type of customer you would like to target with your campaigns, because depending on who they are, they may be more interested in one social network or another. It is also important to consider how engaged people are with social networks and how much they use them.

2. Content Formats

Normally the contents of Instagram are designed to have a greater visual appeal so it is essential in Instagram to upload high quality photos, which in Facebook is not so important point. Videos also in Instagram it is important that they are of high quality while in Facebook is essential content of informative type and not so visual.

3. Formats

Another aspect to consider is that Facebook and Instagram have different formats and Facebook in general accepts a number of different formats than Instagram for example you can not only upload photos and videos but also links and other formats this allows you to improve your internet positioning because when the Google robot crawls your Facebook profile and see that you have links to certain websites this will improve the positioning of those sites which will not happen in Instagram as it only allows you to upload a link in the user’s profile and that’s it. It will also allow you to incorporate extensive texts so that you can talk about your products in more detail about each of the services you offer and this in general will be perceived by your audience as something positive.

4. Paid Ads

As for paid ads, it is true that both options allow you to advertise but through different ways. Facebook is true that it has advertising options larger than those of Instagram. In fact Facebook ads have more details and the scope that can be achieved from the audience is usually greater than in Instagram, so depending on what your budget you can compensate more use a social network or another also will depend on the type of advertising target to which you address. If it is younger will be better Instagram as we discussed above and if on the contrary, are older, you should in that case use Facebook.

It is a bit risky to tell you if in your case it is more convenient Facebook or Instagram because that is a personal decision that you have to assess you depending on what is the target to which you address and what kind of messages you want to convey in your social networks so the most important thing is that you plan well what your marketing strategy and based on that choose between the two social networks that best suits your circumstances and as we have said the two belong to the same owner which is facebook but are intended to reach different types of audiences and therefore have a different design.

Generally speaking we have to know that Facebook targets the general public and is more generic while Instagram focuses more on visual content and is aimed at younger people who are more susceptible to be affected by the impact of videos and photos.

However, below we will explore some similarities that exist between Facebook and Instagram, so you can choose which platform is better suited to the case of your company.

Main similarities between Facebook and Instagram

1. Facebook Ownership:

The ownership of Facebook and Instagram is the same since as we have mentioned both are owned by Facebook. In this sense, the advantage of both platforms is that they have the same technology that is the latest generation and also have the economic contribution of a company like Facebook. In addition, there is a total connection between Facebook and Instagram accounts, which in fact is very convenient for both companies to be united, since it allows the content published on one of them to be published instantly on the other social network.

2. Content sharing and engagement:

In this aspect, it is important to know that both networks allow the sharing of images, videos, texts and links, although as we have mentioned above, in Facebook the capacity of texts and links is greater than in Instagram. On the other hand, although the two social networks allow you to establish a conversation with your friends, there are some differences between the two because, for example, the hashtags on Instagram allow you to reach a much larger audience than on Facebook, which, although you can include hashtags, they are not taken into account as much. However, Facebook does have groups to share content that Instagram does not have.

  1. Messaging features:

In terms of messaging, we can say that both social networks allow you to send direct messages to friends also Facebook Messenger has improved its functions allowing video calls emojis and so on the other hand in Instagram there are sending direct messages where you can send text photos and videos between users of the platform.

  1. Advertising:

In the case of advertising on the two social networks has many similarities in fact both are linked and if you want to create ads on Instagram and then I can measure them properly ideally launch the campaign through Facebook.

  1. Data analytics:

In this aspect we can say that the two platforms have a wide range of analysis where you can see the statistics of each of the users according to the months the days the cities etc thanks to these tools you can track users and you can see which publications or which advertising campaigns are the most successful to implement them again in the future in short it is about adjusting the content and advertising strategies to what works and that in the past has given better results.

In summary, we can say that both Facebook and Instagram are social networks that have many similarities but also some differences. At the end we have given a lot of differences and also similarities between both social networks to get an overall idea of what each of them consists of as we have said there are some similar aspects such as the fact that you can include advertising the fact that you can dialogue with other people and also some differences between them as the fact that they use different formats and that each is specialized in a different type of audience therefore depending on what audience you want to address you will have to use for your digital marketing strategy one social network or another.

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