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Denys Kanel, CEO of Geometria, has always wanted Geometria to push boundaries. Here's what you need to know about the G Studio Acting School.

Denys Kanel and Aleksander Molochnikov to Launch G-Gallery Acting School in New York

The G-Gallery opening was one the most exciting milestones for Geometria and Denys Kanel didn’t want to just stop there; he therefore expanded the vision to work with all kinds of creative talent including the world of acting.

Most advertising agencies offer one main service: paid advertisements both digital and print. Companies spend much of their advertising dollars trying to get a colorful, meaningful or powerful ad through the door to consumers and agencies keep this ad industry pretty traditional.

A full-service media and production company, Geometria has been revolutionizing what it means to get a brand name out there by using unique technology, out-of-the-box thinking and larger than life digital screens. Indeed, the legacy of Geometria has been comprised of advertising through LED trucks and GeoScreen TV. The trucks are like moving advertisements infused in the every-day life of a city. GeoScreen TV lets consumers watch engaging videos that tell the story of the brand.

And that is exactly the foundation Geometria has used to launch a new partnership that takes advertising to a whole new level: enter the world of art.

Welcome Director Aleksandr Molochnikov

Enter Director Aleksandr Molochnikov.

Molochnikov is a famous Golden Mask nominated actor and an award-winning Director with 10 years of experience under his belt. He has transformed the movie industry in Eastern Europe, playing movie roles with soul, depth and raw emotion that captivates audiences from all over. He has participated in the Seattle International Film Festival, the Sochi Film Festival and others significant international film festivals and was twice awarded with the Oleg Tabakov Prize.

As of late, he has been known for cinematic success in his directorship of “Tell Her,” released in 2020 as a children’s drama film, and his upcoming series, “Monastery,” a dramedy he is directing about a party girl fleeing prison charges by camping out in a monastery. Molochnikov and Geometria have partnered through G-Gallery to create an acting school for rising actors who want to learn from a renowned name in the industry.

The gallery has now become a venue for G-Gallery, a space where actors can participate in scene study and grow their skills in acting, directing and theatre. “Geometria is more than thrilled to be working with such a powerhouse figure like Molochnikov, whose art and talent is unsurpassable,” Kanel shared. “It’s such a rare opportunity to get to work with a director like him and learn from him— receive his mentorship.”

G-Gallery Acting School Details

The sessions with Director Molochnikov are open for actors of all levels and take place in the Soho Gallery. The latest session is on January 04th 2023. All sessions last six weeks and include 15 students. If you are interested in purchasing a session, please email class manager to be considered for a future session.

The sessions end with a scene performance that will be professionally used and all performances are coached by none other than Director Molochnikov. “Geometria has been so excited for the opportunity to partner with Director Molochnikov and tap into a creative mode of storytelling that goes beyond what traditional ad agencies support,” Denys Kanel said, passionately.

“Whether it’s incorporating brand essence through 3D storytelling videos, painting a cultural movement on canvas, or using your voice and body to emote other lives, the art of bringing something to life and engaging with the audience it’s intended for is one of the most powerful talents to experience. Geometria will continue to pan over all industries that support that endeavor— and ultimately share it with the world.”

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