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Kaushal Patel, a versatile actor, is making strides in the realm of voice acting

As technology continues to advance, so does the demand for new media forms, making it imperative for voice actors to play a significant role. In recent years, we have seen exponential growth in the following media forms: audiobooks, audio dramas, podcasts, video games, online ads, social media ads, and animated movies & shows.

There is one actor in particular that has caught our attention as of late: Kaushal Patel, a Los Angeles-based actor, voice actor, and theater technician, who is originally from India. Kaushal, through the education and training he received at Loyola Marymount University, has been able to set forth a prosperous career in acting. In recent years, he has also established himself as a prodigy in the world of voice acting. One of Kaushal’s most notable domains is being involved in the making of audio dramas. He has lent his voice to numerous audio dramas, and is now also venturing into producing some of them too.

One of Kaushal’s most distinguished roles was in the hit award-nominated audio drama, ‘Bonnie Screws Up,’ in which he played the desperate yet funny character, Naveen. The story of Bonnie Screws Up revolves around the life of Bonnie, a popular Hollywood actress, who encounters a series of mishaps throughout the episodes. Naveen, one of the main characters, is constantly by Bonnie’s side, but his frequent drunkenness unintentionally exacerbates Bonnie’s issues, and he has his own set of struggles to overcome. Kaushal’s performance as the obsessive fanboy (Naveen) to a Hollywood actress (Bonnie) was absolutely hysterical, capturing the essence of the character perfectly. Here’s what Kaushal has to say about the voice acting process for an audio drama: “The challenging bit about voice acting for an audio drama is that there is no visual medium, and that you are just there behind a microphone trying to make it sound realistic. You have to sound like you are actually there in the scene, and not reading from a script. Not being able to do the scene physically full-fledged is definitely challenging, however, it’s a very fun challenge for me. I will say though, that when we were recording, we had the whole cast together, and working off of each other was great because it made the process a lot easier and smoother.”

Among numerous other projects, Kaushal has been working on another audio drama series called ‘The Royals of Rosedale.’ And alongside voicing in it, he is also the producer of it, which allowed him to be involved with every stage of the process. “When you produce a show, you get to involve yourself with all elements of it, and for me that has in turn allowed me to translate better performances behind the microphone,” he says. Both Bonnie Screws Up and The Royals of Rosedale can be found on every podcast streaming platform.

Despite his vast praise in the voice acting world, Kaushal’s work translates wonderfully on screen as well and it shows. In 2021, he was the star of a short film called ‘The Cave,’ which was directed by Max Carmona. The Cave is based on Plato’s ‘Allegory of the cave.’ Through the character ‘Orson,’ which was played by Kaushal, we saw what ideals like freedom and truth mean in this world. With Kaushal’s sincere and truthful performance, we feel like we are there experiencing the story with the main character Orson. Later that year, the film was selected to be shown at a local theater. Kaushal states, “Whether it’s behind a microphone or in front of a camera, the goal of an actor remains the same: to make the performance believable and to keep it truthful to the circumstances.”

One crucial aspect of Kaushal’s success is his tenacity, and the ability to push past the challenges and setbacks. Another facet of Kaushal’s success is his vast skillset: from being able to speak 3 languages fluently to being able to do an array of voices and accents. Not to mention that he is incredibly versed when it comes to making a script come to life. He remarks, “It doesn’t matter how good your voice is, it’s about what you can do with your voice. It’s a real skill to make your natural speaking voice sound believable based on the circumstances provided. A lot of people think that it’s just about doing a bunch of different voices, however, they completely forget about the acting element when it comes to voice acting.”

As we witness Kaushal’s unwavering commitment and passion for the craft, we can expect nothing less than great things from him. And having worked with both national and international clients, his skillset proves to be a positive across the globe. We are eagerly anticipating what the future holds and what other projects this promising talent will undertake.

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