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The World of Voice Acting Has Gotten A Whole Lot Brighter and Cintya Chaves Is The Reason

When we often hear commercials of interest or a pleasant voice in an online app, we might stop for a moment to see what that advertiser is offering or listen intently to what the intriguing voice is communicating. It can range from some type of new electronic gadget to a breakthrough laundry detergent that will finally get the stains out of our clothes. Or it can be a soothing meditation recording that helps us relax after a difficult day at work. But what we don’t often stop to think about is who are the creators of these mesmerizing pieces of audio art. Who is the person behind the voice that has that special ability to bring a soothing sound to our ears or fill us with excitement depending on the intonations of their vocal cords?

These amazing people are called voice actors and they influence our lives on a daily basis far more than we could ever imagine. However, to truly breakthrough into this intriguing career, one has to have that extra something special that makes them stand out from all the rest. That one is an incredibly talented woman by the name of Cintya Chaves and she is turning heads in the voice acting profession in a powerful way.  

Cintya was born in Botucatu, Brazil and after finishing high school, she decided to continue her education at the School of Dramatic Art at the University of São Paulo. While studying there, she received her degree in Performing Arts. During this time, her passion for studying voice took center focus in her life and since then she has never looked back. Her extraordinary vocal abilities have been used in a plethora of ways in prominent US-based media such as commercials, video games, apps, e-learning videos, and more.

What makes Cintya Chaves different from the others, however, is her constant desire to push herself to new levels in her voice acting that few others ever achieve. Her internal drive to be the best in her profession has led her to go even further in her career by earning professional certificates in both TV Broadcasting from Senac University and the Dubrasil School in Professional Dubbing. On top of that, she completed a Master’s Degree in Broadcasting and Electronic Communication Arts from San Francisco State University. But although all of her academic accolades are quite impressive, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to her amazing abilities in voice acting. 

Cintya has worked hard at developing her voice talents in a way that has allowed her to expand into multiple areas of her profession. Have you ever wondered who’s voice you might be listening to on some of the more popular sleep and meditation apps? One of the most notable projects that she has taken part in is the famous app, Calm, which holds the #1 rating in its category with over 100 million downloads and is currently valued at 2 billion dollars. The app features popular artist’s voices such as Matthew McConaughey, Kate Winslet, and Lucy Liu. Cintya has also made a profound contribution to the Calm app by featuring her voice in many famous children’s classics such as Alice in Wonderland and the Velvet Rabbit. 

You can also hear her soothing voice in another popular app, Sleepiest, which provides bedtime stories and sleep sounds to help adults and children alike. And yes, with an accomplished voice like Cintya, she even has a few popular video games like Days Gone and The Evil Within on her resume to show her multifaceted side. 

On top of that, Cintya has been involved in using her skills to help create videos for women’s health awareness for the international group Doctors Without Borders who work as global first responders for emergencies, epidemics, and natural disasters. 

These are just a few of the examples of where Cintya’s voice acting can be heard and the list keeps growing longer. At this point in her career, her incredible talents have been sought out internationally and she continues to make a name for herself no matter where she goes. 

If you watch a lot of TV or listen to the radio you most likely have heard Cintya’s voice as well. Her brilliant capabilities have been used by many well-known company brands such as Vicks Vaporub, Buscofen pain relief tablets, Le Postiche handbags, and suitcases, as well as the distinguished Brazilian bank, Banco Original. Her popularity in the voice acting world has no boundaries and will continue to expand into popular media worldwide. Her ability to create the perfect voice tone and convey the ideal mood with incredible precision is the driving force behind her fame and we are excited to see where she will appear next. 

When Cintya is not in a voice recording session, she loves to spend her time helping others follow the same passion that she has. Her remarkable talents have been noticed in the world of higher education which led her to be offered a job as a Professor in the Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts Department at San Francisco State University. Here she teaches others the fascinating Art of Voiceover as well as Media Performance and Basic Digital Media. She has even been entrusted with the responsibility of creating the course curriculum for the classes that she teaches due to the commitment to excellence that she conveys in everything that she does. In 2021, she was highly honored to receive the Michelle Wolf Graduate Teaching Award for Excellence In Teaching from her academic department at the university where she is employed. 

Cintya Chaves is making an indelible impression on the world one step at a time and has truly changed the benchmark for excellence in the sphere of voice acting. Her multifaceted talents seem to know no ends and for those who have the honor to work with her, she never fails to impress.

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