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Have you heard the good news about essential oils? Karen has. Here are some hilarious and relatable Karen memes.

These Karen memes are better for curing depression than essential oils

Have you heard the good news about essential oils? Apparently they’re a cure-all remedy that’ll have you fighting fit in no time. Aches & pains? Essential oils! Diagnosed with a serious disease? Essential oils! Warding off preventable diseases that already have vaccines? Essential oils, dummy! Coronavirus? Essential – freaking – oils. 

That’s right, this magical elixir has been here all along while we’ve been wasting our time on medical science. Karen has been trying to tell us the whole time but we were too concerned with making everything complicated. Now Karen’s sprinkled her essential oils upon us, from peppermint to eucalyptus to lavender, and behold! we are cured. Here are a few memes that document Karen and her miraculous oils.

Healthy debate

You want to know her sources? Karen only reads the most trusted click-bait Facebook articles. 

A woman of the people

Karen’s solution to universal healthcare? Free essential oils for all! 


Guaranteed results

The lavender scent helps mask the fact you haven’t showered in three weeks. 

Nothing to see here

Actually, if you feel like you’re dying it means the oils are working. 

Selfless action

After being anointed by the holy essential oils, Karen became the patron saint of managers & KIDZ BOP.



As the pen is mightier than the sword, so is the Cheeto mightier than the battering ram. 

Taken: essential oils

Karen has a very special set of skills and if you harm those lavender scented oils, she will find you, and she will kill you. 


Called out

Wait until you all have sore throats, then who’ll be laughing then? The lady with fifteen bottles of peppermint oil, that’s who!

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