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Is there any reason to believe Kanye West may no longer be cancelled? Here's everything we know on his newest album.

‘Graduation’: Will Kanye West ever be relevant for his music again?

Kanye West, a name synonymous with both musical genius and controversy, teamed up with Ty Dolla Sign to premiere their joint album, Vultures, in a way only Kanye could envision. The scene was set in Miami’s Wynwood Marketplace, where fans eagerly awaited the midnight start. But, in true Kanye fashion, the event kicked off nearly two-and-a-half hours later. What’s become of the “Graduation” star’s legacy?

Those at home faced a different challenge: a glitchy YouTube stream that tested their patience. Yet, the $200 general admission fee, $600 VIP tickets, and $10,000 tables were just the beginning of what promised to be an unforgettable night. Let’s dive into all the details behind the “Graduation” star’s newest offering.

A Star-Studded Performance 

Imagine being part of a crowd witnessing a plethora of stars joining Kanye and Ty on stage. The lineup was nothing short of spectacular, with Chris Brown, Offset, Kodak Black, Lil Durk, Bump J, Freddie Gibbs, and even Kanye’s daughter, North, sharing the spotlight. 

North’s debut rap on “Slide” was a highlight, showcasing her talent alongside her father over a James Blake sample. The event wasn’t just about music; it was a family affair, with Kanye’s children partaking in the pre-show activities.

Diverse Musical Influences 

Vultures stands out for its eclectic mix of genres and guest artists. From Nicki Minaj’s verse on “New Body” to Freddie Gibbs’ performance on “Back to Me,” the album delivers a wide-ranging sonic experience. 

With a house music touch on “Paid” and a Young Thug homage on “River,” Kanye and Ty Dolla Sign ensure that Vultures is more than just an album—it’s a musical journey. The diverse influences and star-studded collaborations make it an intriguing addition to Kanye’s discography.

Is it a Kanye West event without a bit of controversy? The premiere of Vultures was no exception. Kanye’s decision to don a black Klansman hat during the performance of a song with provocative lyrics was a bold move that sparked immediate backlash. 

His embrace of controversy, as seen in recent years, seems to be a persistent theme in his career. But, as the event came to an abrupt end at 3 a.m., one couldn’t help but wonder: was this just another Kanye spectacle, or was there more to the story?

The Legal Quandaries of Sampling

Kanye’s usage of the Backstreet Boys’ hit “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” in the album’s opener is a case study in the complexities of music sampling and interpolation. 

Instead of a direct sample, the track features a reimagined chorus by Charlie Wilson, sidestepping some legal hurdles but not all. With the album’s release looming and no word from the original song’s rights holders, questions about the legality and implications of such creative choices remain unanswered. Is this creative freedom, or a legal gray area waiting to be challenged?

A New Chapter for Kanye? 

With Vultures set to drop this Thursday, fans and critics alike are left wondering what’s next for Kanye West. Having parted ways with Def Jam and Sony Music Publishing, Kanye’s path is more independent than ever. But with his recent controversies, including openly antisemitic remarks, one has to ask: Will Vultures mark a new chapter in Kanye’s career, or will it be overshadowed by his personal and public struggles?

Kanye West’s premiere of Vultures was undeniably memorable. From the delayed start to the surprise performances and the controversy that ensued, it was an event that encapsulated Kanye’s unpredictability and penchant for the extraordinary. 

As fans and critics dissect every aspect of the night, from the music to the controversies, one can’t help but wonder: Will Vultures redefine Kanye West’s career, or is it just another chapter in his saga of genius and controversy?

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