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‘SexyBack’: Was 2018’s Superbowl halftime show the best ever?

It’s tricky to determine which Superbowl halftime show has been the best ever, but Justin Timberlake’s performance in 2018 is definitely far from it. We’re not saying it wasn’t a good show or that he isn’t talented, but with names of legends like Prince & Madonna hanging in the history of the halftime show, it’d be disrespectful.  

The Superbowl is one of the most awaited events of the year and its halftime shows always count with amazing production & talented performers. Watching the show ensures entertainment, however, certain spectacles are iconic and remembered over the years, while others only left us singing the same bangers for a few days.

Justin Timberlake had already done an appearance at the Superbowl halftime show before his sole performance in 2018, at the Superbowl of 2004. How to forget when the artist left Janet Jackson’s chest naked. It was an accident due to a clothing failure, however, it might be the most transcendent fact of Justin Timberlake’s halftime shows. His 2018 performance was totally forgettable. 

Timberlake’s performance in 2018  

The U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota was the venue of the event. Justin Timberlake’s performance started in something that looked like a basement, where he sang “Filthy” his latest song at the time. The space simulated a crowded scenario and had interesting mapping projections, however, he promptly got out of there. 

“Sexy Back” was one of the first songs, it couldn’t be missed, and putting it at the beginning seemed right for the public to tune in. The artist was followed by a group of dancers almost all the time, choreographies were well executed as it is proper of him, but it did become a bit monotonous. These kinds of details are the ones that end up doing a difference in the way we remember or forget shows as the years go by. 

Timberlake also sang “Rock your body”, “Señorita”, “My Love”, “Cry me a River”, “Suit & Tie”, “Mirrors” and many other fire tracks. The last part of the show became more animated when Timberlake went down to the football field, with even more dancers. Finally, Timberlake ended up his performance at the stadium crowd, the last thing we look at is him taking a picture with a boy. 

Tribute to Prince 

The 2018 Superbowl was located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Prince’s native town. A few months before, rumors whispered about Timberlake performing a tribute to Prince, who had died only two years before in 2016. Prince’s halftime show performance of 2007 is claimed as the best one in history, so, paying tribute to him at his hometown was a must.

Rumors were true, and Purple Prince (Pantone shade) lights flooded a white grand piano. Subsequently, Timberlake sat to it, a blanket lowered, and the 2007 performance was projected over. Prince’s recording and Justin Timberlake simultaneously sang “I Would die 4 U”. 

Tributes are nothing new at these events, Prince himself made a tribute to Queen in his halftime presentation by singing “We will rock you”.  

But singing isn’t the only way to honor someone in these events. For the halftime show of 2020, JLo announced a tribute to the Laker’s basketball player Kobe Bryant, who tragically died in a helicopter crash a month before. Not many cached the allusion from the beginning because it was a symbolic cross with Lakers colors in the scenario. 

Even though Timberlake’s halftime show wasn’t the best in history, his tribute to Prince was a good gesture and a great way to start the show’s closure. 

What is your opinion about Justin Timberlake’s performance? Leave us your favorite halftime show in the comments below!

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