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It’s no secret that Kim wants to become a lawyer. Here's what we know about 'Kim Kardashian West: The Justice System Project' documentary.

Is Kim Kardashian West a lawyer? ‘The Justice Project’ tells all

Kim Kardashian West has infiltrated the criminal justice scene. It’s no secret that Kim wants to become a lawyer. She has recently finished one year of an apprenticeship and is getting ready to take what is called the “baby-bar.” The baby bar is basically a junior version of the actual bar examination, which is traditionally administered to people who have completed the required legal training. 

Kim Kardashian’s intention to take the baby bar shows that she’s taking her next steps in becoming a lawyer pretty seriously. But what is The Justice Project and what does it have to do with Kim becoming a lawyer? 

The Justice Project is Kim’s criminal justice baby. It’s a two-hour documentary that follows four criminal cases that Kim feels are important to share with the world. The intention of airing these cases is to shed light on some injustices taking place in the criminal justice system. The Justice Project premieres on Oxygen on April 5th, 2020. 

“I partnered with Oxygen to do the Kim Kardashian West: The Justice System Project documentary because there are millions of people impacted by this broken justice system and I wanted to put faces to these numbers and statistics,” said Kim in her statement to The Independent

Her Inspiration 

Kim’s been involved with criminal justice ever since she advocated for the clemency of a grandma named Alice Marie Johnson. Johnson had received a criminal conviction of drug charges and was serving a life sentence. Kim thought this wasn’t right so she went as far as bringing it to the attention of President Trump while she was speaking to him about prison reform. Trump soon after commuted Johnson’s sentence. 

Mass incarceration in the United States is an issue that many people have voiced their concerns about. As a future lawyer, Kim Kardashian wants to make the world a better place for her kids, as well as other people in marginalized groups. 

She has been spending a lot of time in both her future career in law and The Justice Project documentary. She said in an interview, “I’m super-motivated, and I really want to see it through. There’s obviously times where I’m overwhelmed and stressed and feel like I have a lot on my plate. My kids know that I’m in school just like they are. It’s 20 hours a week, so it is a lot of my time.”

Kim’s vision

“I want to help elevate these cases to a national level to effect change, and this documentary is an honest depiction of me learning about the system and helping bring tangible results to justice reform,” says Kim. 

The documentary hits on intense subjects such as victims of sex trafficking and abuse. She feels that if viewers sit down with open hearts to listen to the stories of the prisoners in The Justice Project, that people will see that some cases are not quite straight forward. Kim believes that some cases require extra consideration when it comes to convictions. Two of the convicts even end being released by the end of the documentary. 

All the risks that Kim’s undertaking

Executive producer of the documentary, Vince DiPersio, voiced his concerns about “the fair amount of risk” involved in taking up these prisoners’ cases and advocating for their release. After all, Kim is such a well-known social figure. There could be a lot of backlash involved should one of the prisoners prove themselves unworthy of being released into society in the future. 

Kim understands the potential repercussions of her actions and takes on the risk whole-heartedly. She fully believes in the people she is supporting and making use of her platform help them. 

As a potential lawyer, Kim Kardashian understands the importance of an advocate with a backbone. She said to The Independent “. . . there are millions of people impacted by this broken justice system, and I wanted to put faces to these numbers and statistics. There are a lot of people who deserve a second chance, but many do not have the resources to make it happen.” 

Critics claiming that Kim is nothing but an air-headed Bratz doll had better think twice. Kim Kardashian is making real moves in the criminal justice community and before we know it, she might even become a lawyer. The Justice Project is a daring and introspective look at the United States’ criminal justice system.

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