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Julia Fox got her ass out – but at which fashion weeks?

Julia Fox is definitely bold. The actress has become more known for her fashion choices than her films in recent years, and it’s thanks to outfits like the one she wore at New York Fashion Week 2023. Fox stepped out wearing an all black ensemble, which included leather gloves, a leather hood, and a leather purse shaped like a horse.

It wasn’t so much what was included with the outfit, as what wasn’t included with the outfit. Namely, the cutouts on the back of her pants. Fox exposed her midriff and her butt with while walking around the Big Apple, and the internet had a collective meltdown.

Let’s delve further into the outfit and what led Fox to wear it.

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Getting people’s attention

Fox has become an expert at knowing what to say and what to wear to grab people’s attention. She regularly appears on podcasts, where she discusses her fling with polarizing figure Kanye West, and her sexuality, which has been heavily speculated about. Fox recently confirmed that she would be releasing a second season of her own podcast as well. The podcast is titled Forbidden Fruits, and allows the actress to riff on any topic of her choosing.

Fox has also gotten into hot water on TikTok. When she responded to a post about “mascara” saying that she didn’t “feel bad” for the user, it led to a barrage of comments labeling her insensitive. Fox was seemingly unaware of the fact that “mascara” is code for “sexual assault” on the platform, and later apologized for the confusion.

The cutout pants were not the first time that Fox turned heads at New York Fashion Week. Days before, the actress was seen wearing a furry jacket and strappy mini skirt from Seks (the combination had previously been worn in one of her Instagram posts), and then a sheer dress without a bra. The latter was worn on the Alexander Wang runway, which has managed the impressive task of getting Fox in even more controversy.

In this day and age you'd think people would know to keep their hands to themselves. However, Alexander Wang is now being accused of assault.

Alexander Wang controversy

Fox’s decision to walk the Alexander Wang runway drew ire from several corners of the fashion industry. Wang has been accused of sexual misconduct by several different women, and is considered something of a pariah at the moment (at least, in terms of his reputation). Fox ignored the controversy, which led to lots of angry and accusatory comments being aimed at her on social media.

To Fox’s credit, she did respond with her reasoning. She messaged one user back and stated: “2 b frank I love cancel culture, but we do need to leave room for rehabilitation & for those who put in the work & heal & learn from their mistakes.” The message was deleted shortly after, leading some fans to speculate that Fox disliked their reaction.

Fox’s approach to fashion

Fox has been forthright with her fashion process. She told Women’s Wear Daily that she feels emboldened to take risks with her clothing, and enjoys when a certain combination elicits a strong response from fans.

“Confidence is funny, because nobody knows if it’s real or not,” she reasoned. “Just don’t overthink it. Nobody cares as much as you do. You have to kind of let go and it’s a little bit of a selfless act because you’re not thinking about how you’re being perceived. It’s just about being in the moment and seeing what the moment has to offer.”

The eccentricity of Fox’s Fashion Week choices have only increased. Following the cutout pants, the actress decided to rock another all black ensemble with furry monster boots. The boots are massive in size, calling to mind something out of Where the Wild Things Are. Needless to say, the most surprising thing Fox could wear at this point is something normal and reserved.

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