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The exceptional South African actor Jonathan Pienaar joins Stephanie Tripp and Stella Hinsen in the cast of 'The Trilogy'. Here's what you need to know.

South African actor Jonathan Pienaar joins Stephanie Tripp and Stella Hinsen in the cast of ‘The Trilogy’

The exceptional South African actor Jonathan Pienaar joins Stephanie Tripp and Stella Hinsen in the cast of ‘The Trilogy’, the upcoming mega-film project of Bruno Pischiutta 

Fabian, played by Pienaar, and his wife Lucille will create an ethical conflict with several other characters in the film, particularly with Dani, played by Stella Hinsen, and with her evil lesbian lover, played by Stephanie Tripp.

By Bruno Pischiutta

I am happy and proud that the great actor Jonathan Pienaar is part of the cast of the third film in the Trilogy project. He will play the character of Fabian, a retired veterinarian married to Lucille, a teacher who still enjoys her work. Jonathan and Lucille are very important in the overall theme of the third film because they are guided by common sense and a humanitarian ethic based on generosity and love for others. Their morality and sensitivity contrasts with the evil ethic of the films’ protagonist and other characters in the film.


Jonathan Pienaar is a member of our company’s Global Film Actors Agency, and few of his films, Either Way, Cutting The Darkness, Kuele, and The Race-ist, are in distribution and streaming on our channel

I admire Jonathan professionally and consider him one of my best friends; I have not had the opportunity to work with him yet, and I am looking forward to directing him in this film because I know how great he is and that I will be able to learn a lot from him on set.

Here are a few words about this fantastic actor.

Jonathan Pienaar is a living theatre and film legend in South Africa. His illustrious theatre career has spanned many genres over many years, appearing in one man shows, stand-up comedy, Shakespeare, dramas, musicals, and writing music, lyrics and stage texts for many theatre productions. 


He is a national and international film star.

Of himself he says: “Before I became an actor, I had already experienced war, killing, savagery, torture. I never became an actor, I was born an actor. The experiences that blessed me are more than dramatic”.

Jonathan is a well-known name in television productions and an international film star, with appearances in films such as Skin, Dollars and White Pipes, Venus Noire, Blood Diamond, and Lord Jones is Dead, to name just a few. He is currently starring in Warrior on Cinemax, Troy: Fall of a City on Netflix, and Deutschland 86 on Channel 4 and Sundance television. 

Jonathan Pienaar has performed alongside Sidney Poitier, Tim Curry, Michael Caine, F. Murray Abraham, Sean Bean, Jennifer Connelly and Leonardo DiCaprio. He has also starred in NBC’s series Crusoe.

In the Trilogy, Jonathan will appear in the third and final film. In this film we see the conclusion of the main stories of the Trilogy, and we also have the opportunity to compare the different morals of the characters by following their paths. 


Fabian’s wife Lucille is a very good woman and when her best friend dies, considering that she and Fabian have no children of their own, they are financially well off and live in a big house, it is normal for her, with Fabian’s approval, to take care of Dani, her best friend’s 19-year-old niece who is left alone in the world. The viewers can thus follow Dani not only when she is at work and when she is with her lesbian lover, but also when she is at home with Fabian and often talks to him about her problems.


The viewers can see how Dani, in a way, fills the lives of Fabian and Lucille and how they both try to understand the girl and help her in every way.

Only at the end of Dani’s vicissitudes do Fabian and Lucille realize that she was her lover’s victim and that her lover, strictly following her evil ethic, was also her victimizer.


  • The Trilogy, the highly anticipated project that is touching on sensitive and very actual subjects of our time such a freedom of speech, the sexualization of children, Satanism, and pedophilia, is the latest creation of Maestro Bruno Pischiutta, who wrote the original screenplays. The Trilogy consists of three feature films and three documentaries that will be produced by Bruno Pischiutta and Daria Trifu. The motion pictures will be directed by Pischiutta while the documentaries will be directed by Trifu.


Bruno Pischiutta, member of the European Film Academy, is an internationally celebrated and awarded writer, director and producer whose career spans more than five decades. He is especially noted for his socially and existentially oriented films.

Pischiutta is one of the last great Italian filmmakers of his generation. During his career, he created and developed numerous feature films in Europe, America, Africa and Asia, and won important awards in several countries.

In China he wrote and developed the feature film The Sepia Portrait, and in Ghana he completed the feature Punctured Hope, which the Hollywood Political Film Society recognized as the Best Film Exposé and Best Film on Human Rights of that year, and proposed it for nomination at the Academy Awards®.

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