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Netflix robbed fans of 'The OA' just as it hit its stride. Let’s make a short film about 'The OA' fandom. Here's how to get involved.

Join our short film to save ‘The OA’

Netflix robbed fans of The OA just as it hit its stride. The series was canceled a mere two seasons into what was supposed to be a five-season arc, and fans were left hanging right after they fell in love with the show. The OA is a unique, mind-bending thriller that had fans enthralled. We need Netflix to bring this one back.

Why is The OA worth saving?

Ironically, if Netflix had canceled The OA at the end of the first season, it would have barely registered for Netflix subscribers. However, the second season brought a refreshed directorial style and a stronger character-based story that made it the newest cult thriller that we couldn’t stop watching.

Adding insult to injury, the second season of The OA ended with a monumental cliff-hanger, causing the demand for a third season to be even more impassioned. Fans have taken to social media, with hashtags #SaveTheOA and #RenewTheOA trending.

Netflix’s 2019 culling of shows has many fans furious at the streaming giant. Netflix has confirmed that its viewership vs. cost ratio reigns supreme when it comes to cutting shows, and sci-fi shows, in particular, tend to struggle with that formula.

What else can we do to save The OA?

Season two of the captivating and cryptic sci-fi thriller, The OA, had fans begging for the show’s renewal. They even created a website for the show, Fans shared their passion for the show on the page, stating, “Because it values nuanced stories and lived experiences of diverse characters across races, genders, class lines, and sexualities, The OA has given us real meaning and real community”. 

Because we love The OA and its fierce fandom, Film Daily has been trying to think of new contributions to the campaign to save The OA. Let’s make a short film about The OA fandom. We can use this film to show decision-makers how vital this TV show really is.

Here’s how you can help us:

  • If you’re comfortable showing yourself on camera, send us a smartphone video of yourself telling us in your native language exactly why you love The OA.
  • If you’re not comfortable being on camera, just send us your quote about why you love The OA and we’ll make graphics to go with your quote.

All you have to do is fill out the form below.

    Be patient if uploading a large file.

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