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A gang in London stole a fan's new and old James Bond props from their home. Here's what we know about the prop heist.

007 gun heist: New and old James Bond props were stolen

The only way to steal 007’s guns is to create the perfect movie-style heist, which is just what a gang in Enfield, London did. Back in March, the group was spotted staking out the home they were prepared to rob.

CCTV footage of the crime shows the gang taking pictures of the 007 fan’s home where the guns were kept right before it was ransacked. If that wasn’t dramatic enough, footage captured the thieves jumping through an open window into the night. The owner of the guns could have certainly used a safe.

Six months later, the owner is making a fresh plea for someone to find the haul worth £100,000. Cops haven’t had any success in locating the thieves, but by refreshing the public with the vital information, they can hope for more progress in the case. 

One of a kind haul

The gang that took the guns had to have known what they were taking as these props are irreplaceable and ready to sell since their functions are deactivated. 

A Beretta ‘Cheetah’ Auto Pistol used by Halle Berry in Die Another Day was part of the bunch along with a Smith & Wesson 44 Magnum revolver used by Sir Roger Moore in Live and Let Die. The Smith & Wesson is worth a fortune on its own as it’s the only one in the world to be completely finished in chrome.

Thankfully, one of the guns has been recovered since the madness six months ago, but the valuable firearm wasn’t treated as well as the owner would have hoped. The yellow-handled Llama pistol – which was featured in Die Another Day – was recovered by a member of the public in a field near Roydon Railway Station and was severely rusted after being left outdoors. 

The rusted condition alone eliminates the integrity of the firearm and could be a hint at how the other guns are being handled.

Future of the case

Until there are more leads on the haul, the police in London are doing as much as they can to recover the guns. Unfortunately, these pieces were supposed to be enjoyed by everyone as showcased displays part of a national exhibition. Now, there’s no telling if the guns will be found and if they are, whether or not they’ll be in the same immaculate condition. 

Detective Inspector Paul Ridley is encouraging the public to come forward with any information they may know. 

“I would urge any members of the public that may have witnessed the suspects arriving and leaving, know where the firearms are now, or may have been offered these stolen items for sale, to come forward to my investigation team as a priority,” Ridley said.

At this point, even the smallest amount of information anyone may have could help to further the case along. The faster these guns are found, the better chance they have at being restored and given back to the owner so that others may enjoy them as well.

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