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Did the Island Boys break up? All the drama surrounding the duo

Back in the pandemic days when TikTok’s algorithm was beneficial to everyone, several untalented figures got famous. But what easy comes easy goes, fame & fortune aren’t the exemption! The Island Boys were a musical duo formed by two brothers that got famous through a viral video on TikTok where they were singing an improvised song under the same title. 

The pair got into several controversies since they soon began showing problematic behavior, which was honestly expected. The duo ended up spending all the money they first achieved without any sense of administration, which soon led them to bankruptcy. Unpaid bills & arrogant behavior through interviews left the brothers broken and without a platform to hold on to. 

Although everyone knows who the Island Boys are and the brothers count on a strong platform in terms of visibility, the problem is they’re not taken seriously. In almost three years of being under the public eye, the duo hasn’t been able to pull a worthy record or album out. The Island boys will never stop being brothers, but is their musical project officially ended? 

Who are the Island Boys? 

Franky & Alex Venegas are the twin brothers also known as The Island Boys. The pair triumphed on TikTok back in 2021 through a video of them singing by the pool. As you can imagine, Island Boys was the name of the song they were singing, very creative right? As is more than evident, this first song became the whole personal & creative identity of the duo, which ended up being limited. 

Since October 12, 2021, which is the date of the video’s coming out,  it has received over 9 million views. In case you’ve never listened to this song, here’s a fragment: “Cause I’m an island boy, and I’ve been trying to make it / Oh, I’m an island boy / Ayy, I’ma just island boy, I’ma just island boy”. Soon, the hit song made it to Twitter, where it was profoundly mocked.

The truth is this duo has shown to be not only untalented but rude and irresponsible. They soon had to dispense with several things like their extremely expensive house in Miami and their car since they weren’t able to keep paying them. Yet, their attitude or their lack of talent isn’t unfortunately what has made this project fail, but all the controversies they’ve been related to. 

Island Boys’ heavy drama!

The Island Boys are trending again, and not because they’ve launched a new single or got viral on TikTok again. They say all publicity is good publicity, but there’s no way that is related to an eight-year-old murder that can make someone good publicity. Just to make your heart rest a little, Franky & Alex Venegas are innocent in the killing! but apparently, the place they currently live is suspicious. 

Not only is their house being investigated but so is one of their closest friends. According to the Daily Mail, the authorities have raided the Venegas brothers after a man accused of killing an eight-year-old girl spent a few nights there. The boys are currently not a part of the investigation but it was entirely out of place for them to harbor a man accused of those atrocities.

The Island Boys were not arrested, but they were part of the controversy. However, cops did detain one of their apparent associates, Andrew James Thomas, who is a murder suspect who slept on the brother’s couch some night before being arrested. Let’s hope for the island boys not to be involved and to have given support to their friend without knowing what he was running away from.

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