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Will Sophie and Joe find common ground for the sake of their children? Let's take a look into the details and see what Nick's wife thinks.

Is Nick Jonas’s wife defending Joe Jonas on abduction claims?

What’s brewing between Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas? The world of celebrity divorces rarely lacks drama. This time, the spotlight falls on Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner and musician Joe Jonas, whose split has quickly escalated into a transatlantic tug-of-war over their two kids. Let’s see what Nick Jonas’ wife thinks. 

A Home Across the Pond

In a recent development, Turner has put forth a petition in the Big Apple urging Jonas to send their children back to England, which she claims they’ve decided to call home since April 2023. The plot twist? While Turner was engrossed in filming her latest series, Jonas was on daddy duty on American soil, touring with his iconic band, The Jonas Brothers.

Turner’s intention was to fly back to England with the kids this month. However, a bump appeared on this smooth runway when Jonas allegedly declined to give her their passports.

A Clash of Narratives

Jonas’s side presents a slightly different story. According to his reps, the former lovebirds had a pleasant rendezvous in NYC, leading him to believe they were on the path to peaceful co-parenting. The representative’s statement urged Turner to soften her legal stance and navigate the situation in a more private and cooperative manner. After all, for Jonas, it’s all about the well-being of his children.

Diving deeper into the drama, while Jonas marked September 5 as the day he filed for divorce, Turner was caught off-guard, alleging she learnt about the divorce through the media. But Jonas’s team begs to differ, saying she knew it was coming.

Both parties appear to have invested in their shared vision of a “forever home” in England. Turner’s petition highlighted how the children were deeply entrenched in English daily life and culture. Jonas’s team counters by emphasizing their American roots, reminding everyone that the children were born in the U.S. and are American citizens. So does that mean Nick Jonas’ wife supports all of this?

Saying Goodbye

Flipping back a few pages, the Jonas-Turner love story had all the markings of a fairy tale. They first caught each other’s eyes in 2016, and by the next year, the world saw an Instagram post from Jonas with Turner flaunting an engagement ring, captioned “she said yes.”

The lovebirds didn’t stop at one wedding but had two! Their first wedding, post the Billboard Music Awards in 2019, had the vibrant city of Las Vegas as its backdrop. This intimate gathering saw them exchange vows, Elvis Presley style, a fact the world got wind of thanks to DJ Diplo’s sneaky posts.

Their second wedding was the polar opposite: an extravagant affair at the dreamy Château de Tourreau in southern France. Turner later shared a monochromatic snapshot of the duo from their wedding, labeling them “Mr and Mrs Jonas.” The event was star-studded with Maise Williams from Game of Thrones as the Maid of Honor and Jonas’s brothers, Nick and Kevin, celebrating the couple’s union.

What next?

Every story has two sides, and it seems this one’s no exception. As the world waits with bated breath to see how this chapter unfolds, the primary concern remains the well-being of their children. With both parents pulling in different directions, the compass of their future looks unpredictable. Will Sophie and Joe find common ground for the sake of their children?

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