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Is Joe Jonas holding his own children hostage to boost his net worth?

Has the rollercoaster of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s life left you on the edge of your seat? Joe Jonas, renowned for his time with The Jonas Brothers and later with DNCE (remember the earworm “Cake by the Ocean”?), not only has a flair for music but also for real estate. 

Platinum Records and Platinum Real Estate 

Married to the gorgeous Game of Thrones actress, Sophie Turner, in 2019, the couple soon made headlines for their plush property investments. In 2016, Jonas splashed out a cool three-point-seven million dollars on a chic Sherman Oaks pad. Flash forward to 2021, and the dynamic duo sold their grand Encino mansion to none other than DJ Zedd for a whopping fifteen-point-two million dollars!

While most were adjusting to the new norm in 2020, Joe and Sophie listed a sleek Manhattan condo for six million dollars. But the opulence didn’t stop there! In 2021, they treated themselves to a grand eleven-million-dollar Miami mansion. 

Imagine: ten thousand square feet, lavish spa, and a swanky dock just waiting for a yacht! However, 2022 saw them list this paradise for just shy of seventeen million dollars, finally letting it go for fifteen million in 2023.

Personal Struggles Amidst Professional Success 

But as their property portfolio soared, their personal life faced turbulence. Recently, Sophie Turner’s lawsuit against Jonas grabbed eyeballs. The claim? Joe allegedly denied their daughters, aged three and one, a return to their UK “forever home”.

The drama unfolded shortly after Sophie’s appearance alongside Joe’s ex, Taylor Swift. While a recent New York rendezvous between the couple seemed harmonious, things took a turn in less than twenty-four hours. Jonas was blindsided by Sophie’s demand to move the children permanently to the UK, which would violate a Florida Court order if he complied.

In a statement from Jonas’ rep, we learned that Joe had initiated the divorce in Florida. Contradicting Sophie’s claim of being blindsided, the rep mentioned Sophie was aware of the impending divorce. The legal rift deepened as Sophie alleged Joe held onto their kids’ passports, while Jonas’ team countered that Joe sought shared parenting, emphasizing the children’s American roots.

What’s Next for the Duo? 

The crux of the feud? Joe feels Sophie aims to shift the divorce battleground to the UK and permanently relocate the children. Jonas’ camp feels that using terms like ‘abduction’ in this context is misleading and termed it an abuse of the legal system. They assert that the children, after being under Joe’s care for three months with mutual consent, are now with their mother.

After a whirlwind romance, leading to a 2019 marriage, the couple recently announced their divorce. Jonas, amid the legal battles, hopes for a constructive resolution. His main concern? The well-being of his children. As Joe and Sophie turn to a new chapter, one can’t help but wonder: where will the rollercoaster take them next?

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