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Is Harry losing money by including Meghan in all his new projects?

Is there something royally exciting on the horizon for Netflix viewers? Prince Harry, one-half of the most talked-about ex-royal duo, is reportedly gearing up to voyage back to Africa. But this time, he’s leaving Meghan and their kiddos back in California, and he’s not going just for some fresh air or safari rides.

Renegade royals

Regardless of the uncertainties hovering over the future of the Sussexes’ hefty hundred-million-dollar Netflix contract, Harry seems to be in full throttle to plan a new documentary. This move comes at a time when the Sussexes find themselves under the microscope to produce captivating content for Netflix, especially after the sudden crash of their Spotify deal.

Just like his late mother, Princess Diana, who journeyed to Africa advocating against landmines shortly before her untimely demise, Harry’s upcoming African sojourn echoes a familiar royal legacy. However, the details of this documentary are still a hushed secret. Add the existing Hollywood writers’ strike to the mix, and Harry’s ambitious plans hit a temporary pause.

“Africa feels like home to Harry,” said an anonymous source. This sentiment isn’t surprising, considering Harry’s deep-rooted connections with the continent. Harry’s Africa love story is a known tale. It was on African soil where he spent one of his earliest dates camping with Meghan, and even established a charity, Sentebale, meaning “forget me not,” in Lesotho.

The footsteps

Diana was the first to publicly cement her bond with Africa, creating a poignant memory by walking through an active minefield in Huambo, Angola with The Halo Trust, months before her tragic death. Harry mirrored this memory by walking through another minefield in Angola two decades later in 2019.

Harry’s affection for Africa doesn’t end there. As the president of conservation group African Parks, his documentary could potentially spotlight Africa’s national parks and wildlife conservation efforts. “I wish I could spend more time in Africa,” Harry said in 2017, expressing his deep connection to the continent.

Despite the brewing excitement about the new project, whispers of discord between Netflix and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex continue to surface, especially after their multi-million dollar Spotify deal abruptly fell through earlier in June.

Netflix, however, is quick to contradict these rumors. A representative from the streaming platform reassured, “We value our partnership with Archewell Productions,” emphasizing that several projects are lined up, including “Heart of Invictus,” slated to air this August.

New pressure

Regardless, the Sussexes are feeling the heat to generate innovative content ideas for Netflix, following the cancellation of their Spotify deal due to lack of groundbreaking ideas. Industry insiders claim that the couple has been revisiting their concepts for Netflix, even as rumors of their projects, such as a drama about Charles Dickens’ character Miss Havisham, circulate.

To add fuel to the fire, the couple’s lifestyle expenses in their lavish Montecito, California estate are piling up, necessitating a steady flow of income. These include the hefty mortgage on their Tuscan-style estate, annual property taxes, staffing and maintenance costs, and the bill for the couple’s private security detail, believed to be about two million dollars a year.

Keeping up

Further adding to the Sussexes’ predicament is the comparison to the Obamas, who delivered multiple successful podcasts for Spotify. In contrast, the Sussexes’ deal, inked in 2020, yielded only thirteen hours of programming over two and half years. The Obamas’ contract, which also came to an end last year, clearly had a more successful run.

The Sussexes are experiencing a dramatic shift in their fortunes. They transitioned from being full-time royals craving privacy to American celebrities post their controversial Oprah Winfrey interview in 2021. However, the cancellation of their Spotify deal and staff turnover have added challenges to their journey.

Now, as Prince Harry is gearing up for his solo Netflix venture, one can’t help but wonder, can he bring a touch of royal magic to our screens? Or will this end up being another misadventure for the controversial couple?


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