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Is the new Apple iPhone 13 a huge potential disaster? Weigh in with the best jokes and reactions on Twitter to the latest iPhone.

Is Apple’s new iPhone 13 a huge disappointment?

If you have an Apple product lover or just a techhead in your life, then they were probably having a moment yesterday. Why? Well, Apple announced their next slate of products for you to drool over in envy. Chief amongst them is the iPhone 13 because what’s an Apple event without seeing a shiny new iPhone, right? But how are people really feeling about the iPhone 13? Excited? Or disappointed?

As always, we look at the reactions over on Twitter to see how people are feeling about things.


Into the iPhone-verse (Apple-verse?) 

Maybe chill with the phone releases for a bit? 


Oh boy

You can just hear Veruca Salt’s voice, huh? 



Did they even change anything? 



Seriously, is there a difference?


Back to the planet Apple

*ET voice* iPhone phone home.


Smash it, you cowards! 

Can’t wait to see how this piece of tech gets destroyed! 


We don’t see it either

Surprise! We’re pretty sure there’s no difference.


Pass it along

The cult of iPhone, however, will continue on.


Well . . .

They know their audience.


In the end 

The excitement is there though.

What do you think about the latest Apple iPhone? Are you excited for the iPhone 13? Let us know in the comments below! 

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