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Growing your stock portfolio has never been easier for people in India. Boost your wealth and manage your money, invest, and trade with Binomo.

✅ Binomo review – 📊 What is this trading platform and how to use it in India?

What is in India? Is the trading platform safe or a scam? 📲 Where can you download the Binomo app to trade anywhere? How to use it for investing and trading, getting bonuses, 💳 withdrawing funds from an account? This and other information about the Binomo trading platform in a detailed review.

Your online trading partner Binomo in India – Platform overview

What is Binomo and How does it work?

Binomo is an online trading platform that started its operations back in 2014. You are able to get extra income and it is based on the changes in the exchange rate of currencies and other assets. Since it was founded by Dolphin Corp, Binomo has been a mobile app and website that offers its users access to trading technology through a secure and user-friendly terminal. You can use it as wide as more than 10 languages, and Binomo in Hindi and English is included of course. 

Sign Up and Log In

  • Click the “Sign In” button on the login page
  • Register through an email address or Google/Facebook account.
  • If you sign up by email, then set a secure password.
  • Choose the currency you will use (you will not be able to change the currency after the registration due to safety regulations).
  • Read and Accept the Client Agreement and Privacy Policy.

After registering on Binomo, you can also go through a quick verification thanks to an automated service. It takes a few minutes and will help protect your account.

Demo account

Designed with educational purposes for the ones who are just starting to trading online, a Demo account funded with virtual $1000. With these funds, those beginners are able to learn how the platform really works and get educated. A free tournament is also available here, which will help you compete with other traders. The contest is available daily.


On the website, in the section named “Strategies”, there are verified methods that conclude trades for users who would like to get into trading. Those are suitable for both beginners and experienced traders and will be justly useful. As a note, the strategies on Binomo don’t guarantee you extra profit because trading requires analysis and practice.

Help Center

We are all aware that we are obliged to ask questions to learn something and get educated about it. So, in order to answer all the questions, a trader possibly asks, Binomo offering its Help Center (FAQ). It is like Wikipedia, but only for traders. Here you are able to get your questions answered.

How to trade on Binomo?

Just want to say that you don’t need to ask how to play Binomo. This is not about winning a game, but about trading, where you need to use analysis, skills, and strategies for trades to be successful.

Note! You can trade on the Binomo real account after you make your first deposit.

For trading on Binomo, a modern type of fixed time trades is used. If the forecast is correct, FTT allows you to get up to 90% of the trade size in a short period of time. How does trading on Binomo work? Find the tips below:

  1. In order to start trading on Binomo, first of all, you need to log in to a verified account.
  2. After that, you need to select an asset you will trade. For instance, EUR or USD.
  3. Set the amount and time for the trade. 
  4. After that, according to your forecast: you need to click green or red buttons in order to indicate the direction the chart would possibly go. 

If this forecast is correct, all your additional income will be instantly deposited on account.

Deposit methods

Binomo provides an opportunity for cash empowerment. Once you have decided to invest and trade on Binomo, the platform is offering a number of deposit options that you are able to choose in India. The users can find each type of deposit method on both mobile (app or Apk) and web versions of the platform: NetBanking, UPI, PayTm, Indian exchanger, GlobePay, Paypal, etc. The minimum deposit is 5$.


  1. A welcome bonus of 25% that all traders get after registering (even on a free Demo account). The bonus percentage is fixed, in contrast to the deposit bonus.
  2. Non-deposit bonuses will be added to the account automatically. To get a non-deposit bonus, you don’t need to enter various coupon codes in your personal account.
  3. The amount of the deposit bonus depends on the account status: up to 100% for Standard, up to 150% for Gold, up to 200% for VIP.

How to withdraw money from Binomo?

When you have submitted to withdraw your funds, the time you will wait is up to the payment method you choose. The minimum withdrawal amount is $10. It might be done instantly or in 3 days or more. There is also a condition though: the withdrawal can be made with the same exact payment method you selected for making the deposit. 

H3 – Limits 

The limits are so clear to follow:

  • Per a day: It is up to $3,000, or the equivalent amount of your currency. 
  • Per a week: It is up to $10,000.
  • Per a month: It is up to $40,000. 

When withdrawing money from the platform, no fee is charged. For example, IQ Option vs Binomo charges a $31 fee for bank transfer.

H2 – Binomo app review

You know that we have also mentioned the convenience that you can experience by selecting the Binomo broker as your partner. For the traders who would like to continue earning extra on the go, the Binomo app for Android and iOS is the perfect solution.

Download for iOS and Android

It is basically the same as any other app you have downloaded before: 

  • For iOS users, the App Store where you can find it.
  • For Android users, the app is on Google Play Store. 

Both of them are obviously free downloads. Also, if Android users have any trouble while downloading it, there is an Apk that users can download from the link, and you no need to hack software:

H3 – Download on PC

Besides the chance of downloading the app on your iOS and Android devices, there is not an app for PC. You can trade on the Windows desktop or Mac through only the website.

Н2 – Is Binomo legal in India?

Binomo is regulated by international organizations to guarantee reliability and safety for users. The Financial Commission has confirmed that Binomo is a reliable trading platform by certifying it. Besides the IFC, the Verify My Trade certificate has been issued by Binomo, which also confirms that it is not a scam or fraud.

For this statement, in addition to certificates, Binomo received awards. In 2015, Binomo received the FE Awards, and the following year, the platform was awarded the IAIR. This once again answers the question whether it is safe or not.

So, with all these proofs, Binomo is a regulated company and you can trade on it safely.

Affiliate program

The affiliate program allows you to attract traders to the platform, and you will be able to make profit based on their trading activity. You can find more information about it on 


Binomo undoubtedly can be stated as a reliable, legit, and regulated platform in India. Besides this thorough review, traders can check reviews for Binomo on trusted forums and social media such as Quora. You can’t hide on the net whether it’s real or fake.

Obviously, it is important to remember that trading involves many risks, such as losing a deposit in part or in full. Permanent success is also not guaranteed, it depends on your trading strategies, etc. However, traders who take risks, understand the importance of training on a demo account and improving their skills. Therefore, it can be said that Binomo is a platform that you can trust for investment and trade.

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