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Now, we know it’s not Halloween yet but who cares? Let’s talk about the creepy folklore living across the Internet!

Need a good scare? Dive into these creepy tales of internet folklore

The older we get the more we see things change throughout the world. Generation to generation, some things stay the same, others change. Hundreds of years from now, people will be used to things that we couldn’t even imagine now. Picture telling someone in the dark ages or Pre-Columbian America that you read entertainment articles or work in a newsroom. They could not have even tried to comprehend such a thing. 

But like we said, some things don’t change. One thing that’ll always stay the same throughout the human generations, is storytelling. We are natural storytellers. We’ve always done it and we always will. Maybe some people will stick with the old-fashioned wood fires but the phones and TVs are the new campfires. We can see through these fires!

Books are another thing that’ll never go away. They might change their forms – for instance, paperback to digital books. But nevertheless, books will always be here. Even those stories online 一 they’re in books too! Now, we know it’s not Halloween yet but who cares? Let’s talk about the creepy folklore living across the Internet!

In the words of the composer Danny Elfman in The Nightmare Before Christmas, “Life’s no fun without a good scare!”

The Expressionless

“In June 1972, a woman appeared in Cedar Sinai hospital in nothing but a white, blood-covered gown,” this urban folklore begins. Perhaps, all of us are familiar with the mysterious woman in a white gown. Is there really some truth to the mysterious woman or are we just secretly a little creeped out by white gowns? Not likely. These are wedding clothes! But what is with these woman in white gown stories?

In The Expressionless, the woman in the white dress scared everyone she came across. Oddly, it was not because of her blood-written garments. It was really because she looked like a store mannequin. It was like a store mannequin was just all out and about, moving by herself like all the humans. 

She was very silent and unresponsive. Staff decided to sedate her until authorities could arrive. But the second they tried to, she viciously fought back. Even while she was fighting, her face had that same vacant look. 

She turned this emotionless stare towards the male doctor and smiled. While smiling everyone could see her set of spiked, inhuman teeth which shocked everyone. The doctor asked, “What in the hell are you?!” Still smiling, the woman stared at the doctor. When he was distracted by the hospital’s security, the woman leaped and sank her teeth into the doctor’s neck like it was a steak. 

The woman ripped out the doctor’s throat. The doctor fell to the floor and choked on his own blood. Then, the woman leaned very close to him and whispered, “I . . . am . . . god.”

Jeff the Killer

Sometimes, YouTube folklore is just too captivating. The legend of Jeff the Killer came about in 2008 when a Youtuber gave us a spine-chilling image of a featureless, bare white face. It was amongst a slideshow of spooky images. Once he was given a backstory, Jeff the Killer became more vivid, more real. The more realism horror has, the better it is. 

It’s the story of an adolescent serial killer and Creepypasta named Jeffery Woods. He was disfigured and some folks say, he did it to himself, mutilating his own face. Others believe Woods was set on fire in the midst of fighting a gang of bullies. Upon seeing his “new face”, he lost his sanity but gained a new purpose in life. 

Jeff vowed for revenge against his tormentors. He whispers in his victims’ ears, “Just go to sleep.” He imposed cruel punishments on those who wronged him. Some people really believe he’s the blame for some missing persons. Others have deemed Jeff the Killer a cautionary tale on bullying. 

Mr. Bear

Mr. Bear is one of the most frightening urban folklore of Creepypasta. Contrary to what some may think, Mr. Bear’s story isn’t some Child’s Play ripoff. No, you’re not going to hear about some teddy bear coming to life and killing people. But his story is not about a real bear either. This is the story of a man. 

No one knows this man’s name nor what he looks like. He is a demented man who wears a bear costume and invites children to visit him in his cellar. This is where he films his show Mr. Bear’s Cellar

In the show, he is a kind, jolly bear who loves kids. He enjoys playing chess and going camping. But he loves orange juice and giving it to all his friends. He even has a song about Vitamin C. Strangely, he never drinks the orange juice himself. 

He’s happy as long as the kids do what he says. But when they want to leave his cellar and don’t follow his directions 一 this is when he gets irritated. Needless to say, you don’t want to irritate Mr. Bear. 

The Harbinger Experiment

There are definitely real stories of human experimentation. No matter how real The Harbinger Experiment might be, all fiction is derived from some truth.

The Harbinger Experiment was meant to test and observe the causes of extended isolation on the human mind. Its purpose was to find scientific proof of the metaphysical world; the world we cannot see. 

It tells the story of a scientist named Zimmerman. He wanted to take spirits out of the bodies of human test subjects. Things went horrifically wrong. Suddenly, the people who left his experiment rooms were hardly people at all. They turned into “hairless, black-eyed, screaming monsters” and all they want to do is hurt those who wronged them. 

What are your creepy tales of urban folklore? Drop them off in the comments! We’d love to hear from you! 

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