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Sundance Film Festival has just opened a new section for episodic storytelling called Indie Episodic, in addition to Festival Favorite & The New Climate.

TV addicts, rejoice! Indie Episodic storytelling recognized by Sundance

If you wanted proof the lines between film & television are blurring, Sundance Film Festival has just opened a new section for episodic storytelling. That’s right, a film festival is showing TV shows. (If you don’t like change, look away now.)

The Indie Episodic section comes after the festival previously included O.J.: Made In America and Top of the Lake in their programming, across the ambiguous Special Events category and their Independent Pilot Showcase.

Now Sundance has created a home to make television feel welcome. The festival has announced that they have designed this new section “specifically for stories told in multiple instalments, with an emphasis on independent perspectives”. Sounds like code for indie TV, if you ask us.

Another new feature on 2018’s festival program is the Festival Favorite Award, similar to their Audience Awards. To be determined by ballot across all categories, the prize has been created to find the feature film that “best connects with audiences”. Power to the people!

Returning for a second year, Sundance is also drawing attention to climate change with their section The New Climate, open to films, documentaries, and new experiences such as virtual reality. Change seems to be the theme for 2018.

Sundance Film Festival is open for submissions until September.

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