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The writer strike repercussions? Your favorite TV shows and movies are facing significant setbacks. Take a look at the TV shows now cancelled.

Hulu and Disney: Have your favorite TV shows been cancelled?

Buckle up, as the recent strike by the Writers Guild of America (WGA) is causing ripples throughout Hollywood. Starting from May 2, 2023, this protest has been a confluence of writers from across different media – film, television, radio, and even online media. The repercussions? Your favorite TV shows and movies are facing significant setbacks.

Let’s take a look at everyone who is up for the chop!

Unprecedented strike

This isn’t just a strike where writers hold placards outside studios. The writers are unable to pen down new ideas, sell their scripts, or even make revisions to existing ones. This is causing unprecedented disruptions in the production processes of many shows and movies. 

The WGA is standing strong for its members, demanding improved remuneration, increased residuals, and more consistent work opportunities, particularly for the staff writers who work on episodic television.

Such a united front by the writers has led to production shutdowns and numerous delays within the entertainment industry. The duration of the strike, along with the eventual resolution of the negotiations between the WGA and the studios, remains a cloud of uncertainty.

Decisive measures

Now, switching gears to the world of streaming, if you’re a subscriber of Disney+ and Hulu, it’s time to revise your watch list. The top brass at Disney, CEO Bob Iger and chief financial officer Christine McCarthy, recently announced in an earnings call that a whopping 50 titles are slated for removal by May 26. 

These cuts will be across Disney+ and Hulu, trimming 41 and 13 titles respectively. The cull even includes recent original series such as The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers and Y: The Last Man.

This drastic move of axing streaming titles is part of Disney’s larger cost-cutting strategy, a tactic that’s been adopted by other streamers like HBO Max and Starz in the recent past. But that’s not all from Disney. In addition to this, the company has initiated layoffs, with thousands of employees facing the brunt.

Hit list

Furthermore, Disney is mapping out plans to merge Hulu content into Disney+ for those who are subscribers of both services. This move is seen as a consolidation of content and an attempt to streamline their offerings.

The list of titles to be removed includes an eclectic mix of content. High-budget series such as Lucasfilm sequel Willow and Danny Boyle’s Sex Pistols drama Pistol will be exiting the platform. Feature films aren’t spared either, with titles like Rosaline and the Cheaper By The Dozen remake starring Gabrielle Union and Zach Braff also set to leave.

Meanwhile, over on Hulu, Y: The Last Man and Pistol will be heading out, alongside lesser-known titles such as Little Demon, Maggie, and Dollface. The Hot Zone, The Premise, and Love in the Time of Corona also find themselves on the way out.

The impact of these removals, coupled with the writer’s strike, will undeniably lead to changes in the entertainment industry. It’s the viewers who will bear the brunt of these changes. Fans have invested their time and emotions into these shows and movies. Their removal is likely to leave them feeling disappointed and let down.

An Industry in Flux

This is an extraordinary time for the entertainment industry, with the writers’ strike affecting new productions, and the streamlining of content leading to many beloved titles leaving Disney+ and Hulu. The streamlining of content libraries can be seen as a strategic move to save costs, particularly when it comes to residuals.

Yet, while the entertainment industry is undeniably in a state of flux, one thing remains clear the landscape of Hollywood and streaming services is changing. These changes could have long-term effects on how content is produced and consumed.

With all of these developments, one can’t help but wonder: will these changes ultimately be beneficial for the industry? And more importantly, how will they impact the viewers – the lifeblood of the entertainment industry? 


With this uncertainty looming over the future of TV and film, only one question remains: Are you ready for what’s next? Let us know below!

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