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'Howard Original' is a new dark comedy starring Kevin Michaels and directed by Natalie Rodriguez. Learn about the film here.

Enter new dimensions with the dark comedy film ‘Howard Original’

“Howard Original is about writing. The inspiration. The creative influences. The process. The satisfaction. The pride. And, alas, the pain inherent in relentless rejection and frustration. Write on.”

-John Smistad (Variety, Movie Blogger)-

Howard Original” is a new dark comedy satire feature film that is now available for rental and purchase on Amazon Prime, Tubi, Google Play, YouTube Movies, and more. Visit the following link to begin watching the movie today:

“In this award-winning comedy-drama satire about the entertainment industry, a washed-up screenwriter encounters multiple life crises when his pet cat comes to life. (Based on the 2017 short film, Howard Original). After MULTIPLE failed relationships, a screenwriter named HOWARD begins to question his life and the meaning of it. He escapes to a cabin, in hopes to find closure from both his writer’s block and hysterical, yet painful past.

Only, HOWARD finds himself in a state of reality and an altered universe when he finds an abandoned cat named BLUE while reflecting on his personal and work relationships.” TW: “The film is a commentary about the entertainment industry, and it exposes the misogyny, racism, and sexism that still exists. This comedy-satire may trigger some viewers BUT this trainwreck of a screenwriter’s life is a guilty pleasure.”

Starring Kevin Michaels, Natasha Galano, Iliyana Apostolova, Katt Balsan, Jasmine Richards, Darianna Parra, and Dave

Co-Starring: Ginger Presley, Ivon Millan, Alexandra Almendarez, Alessandra Mañon, Carina LaMarchina, Merlyn Scoggin, and Amber Pauline

Also co-starring Phantom Hall as “Blue the Cat”

Directed by Natalie Rodriguez

Story by & Written by Kevin Michaels and Natalie Rodriguez

Trailer #1 for Howard Original:

Trailer #2 for Howard Original: 

Trailer #3 for Howard Original: 

Trailer #4 for Howard Original: 



HOWARD ORIGINAL started out as an idea, while creators (Kevin Michaels & Natalie Rodriguez) hung-out at the Crave Cafe in Studio City. For months, the duo bonded over their favorite films, filmmakers, and more. They used to joke about the life of your stereotypical writer and pet cats, as Natalie owned (well, still DOES) a long-hair cat.

A few weeks later, Kevin suggested to Natalie that they should make a movie. She agreed. Kevin then told Natalie that she would be the director and cinematographer on what would become the short film of HOWARD ORIGINAL.

They filmed twelve or so pages in a half day of shoot. 

The short film version of HOWARD ORIGINAL won ‘Best Film’ at Culver City Film Festival as well as placed as a semi-finalist at Oregon Short Film Festival. 

The short film version is now available to watch online: 


Leading talent, KEVIN MICHAELS stars as “HOWARD ORIGINAL,” and is also a co-writer and one of the executive producers and producers on this project.

Director, NATALIE RODRIGUEZ, is also a co-writer and one of the executive producers and producers on this project.


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