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Is the Netflix show 'How to Get Rich?' accurate enough to help you? See what we have found out to be actually true, and try it yourself!

Can Netflix’s ‘How to Get Rich’ on *really* teach you how to get rich?

How accurate is the Netflix show How to Get Rich? when it comes to teaching viewers how to become financially independent? For a very long time, that has been the question that has been on the minds of those who watch the show. It is intriguing that the show promises to assist young entrepreneurs in realizing their financial goals; however, the question that remains is whether or not the show actually works.

The only way to find the answer to this question is to investigate further into what the show has to offer. Let’s see what we can find:

The basics

How to Get Rich is, at its core, a reality competition show that follows a group of young entrepreneurs as they compete for investment money to put toward the implementation of their respective business plans. 

Each week, the contestants are presented with a new challenge that is intended to test both their business acumen and their creative potential. The winner of each challenge is awarded a cash prize as well as the opportunity to pitch their business plan to a group of prominent investors.

How To Get Rich. Ramit Sethi in episode 1 of How To Get Rich. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023

The show gives the impression that it would be an excellent opportunity for aspiring businesspeople to get their ideas heard by investors and put into action. The reality, however, is that the chances of winning big on the show are roughly comparable to those of winning the lottery. 

The format of the show, which is a competition, is used more for dramatic effect and entertainment value than for the purpose of providing guidance on how to make money.

Although the show does provide viewers with insights into the business world, they should keep in mind that the show’s primary purpose is to be entertaining rather than to serve as a how-to guide for making money. 

Early reactions

Due to the show’s focus on drama and entertainment, viewers who tune in expecting a how-to guide on managing a company will be disappointed by what they see on screen.

On the other hand, there are things that aspiring business owners can take away from watching the show. Throughout the entirety of the show, the importance of persevering in the face of adversity is emphasized. 

The contestants on the show face a variety of difficulties and setbacks along the way, but despite these obstacles, they continue to move forward and make headway toward their objectives. It is emphasized how important it is to keep one’s focus and motivation despite the presence of adversity, making this a valuable lesson for anyone who is considering starting a business of their own.

Finer details

One more thing that we learned from watching the show was the significance of building relationships and networking in the business world. Throughout the course of the competition, a number of prominent investors and businesspeople will share their knowledge and experience with the competitors in order to instruct them on how to achieve success in the business world. 

The audience can learn a great deal about the importance of personal connections in the professional world by watching how the contestants interact with the wealthy businesspeople who appear on the show.

Educated answers

Even though How to Get Rich might not be the most foolproof plan for making money, it does offer some useful advice for people who are just starting out in the business world. 

Those viewers who are able to look past the glamor will find a wealth of useful information and insights, but those viewers who are turned off by the show’s emphasis on drama and entertainment value may be turned off by the show. 

Although it is important to view the show with skepticism and a critical eye, Shark Tank, like any other form of entertainment, can be an effective source of motivation and instruction for people who are looking to improve their financial standing.


Do you think the show will help you get rich the way you truly want to? What is it missing? Let us know in the comments!

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