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The nude truth: Just how much money will Beyoncé earn on tour?

In the world of music and high-end real estate, there’s no stopping global icons Beyoncé and Jay-Z. TMZ recently reported the power couple’s newest asset: a sprawling Malibu compound, bought entirely in cash. How does anyone except billionaires afford this type of purchase? Have you forgotten that this is the billionaire Beyonce we are talking about?

Let’s take a look at the nude truth and see what kind of actions get you this much money from a tour. 

The numbers

The Renaissance World Tour is shaping up to be one of Beyoncé’s most lucrative tours to date and is expected to generate unheard-of amounts of earnings. The tour is projected to earn over $2 billion. The estimated earnings are based on the immense popularity and success of the tour, as well as the high demand for Beyoncé’s performances around the world. 

It has been mentioned that the tour could potentially make as much as $2.4 billion in gross earnings. 

The available ticket options include the Silver VIP Fan Ticket Package, the Premium GA Early Entry Package, the Gold VIP Fan Ticket Package, and the Club Renaissance Experience. These packages were priced at £256, £321, £341, and £372, respectively. 

For the UK tour shows, Beyoncé will be performing at six venues, including Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Murrayfield in Edinburgh, the Stadium of Light in Sunderland, and Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London. 

Purchase power

Dropping two hundred million dollars on their new California estate, Beyoncé and Jay-Z just set the record for the most expensive home ever purchased in the Golden State. This purchase doesn’t just shine in the state records; it’s also earned a notable second place in the history of US real estate, second only to a New York City apartment that went for two hundred and thirty-eight million dollars.

Despite the astounding price tag, representatives for the pop queen and rap mogul remain tight-lipped about the acquisition. However, those close to the deal have shed some light on this remarkable purchase.

Housing tales

William Bell, a well-known art collector, was the previous owner of the 36,000-square-foot, entirely concrete residence. Tadao Ando, a Japanese architectural genius, took him nearly fifteen years to construct this impressive estate.

 If Ando’s name rings a bell, you might recall that he also designed Kanye West’s fifty-seven million-dollar mansion, acquired during his split from Kim Kardashian.

Interestingly, the Carters’ monumental investment could be seen as a bargain. The original listing price? A staggering two hundred and ninety-five million dollars.

While some criticized the couple’s seemingly extravagant purchase, Beyoncé and Jay-Z remained unperturbed. Celebrating their new property over dinner in London, the duo exuded style: Queen Bey in a bejeweled black mini dress and overcoat, Jay-Z in a chic all-black ensemble with white sneakers.

Empire maintained

This Malibu marvel is the latest addition to the Carters’ expansive real estate portfolio. In 2017, they added an eighty-eight million-dollar Bel-Air property and a twenty-six million-dollar Hamptons mansion to their collection.

Given that Beyoncé’s net worth is estimated at four hundred fifty million dollars, according to Forbes, and Jay-Z’s at a staggering two-point-five billion dollars, these real estate purchases are in line with their financial prowess.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z, who wed in 2008, are also proud parents of three: Blue Ivy, eleven, and twins Rumi and Sir, five.

The couple’s financial moves continue to attract attention and stir debate, leaving us wondering: What’s the next billion-dollar step for Beyoncé and Jay-Z?


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