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How Many People Were at Beyoncé’s Biggest Concert?

Beyoncé is a legendary artist known for her ground-breaking performances, chart-topping hits, and memorable concerts. One of her most iconic and memorable concerts was her Formation World Tour, which ran from April to October 2016. Throughout the tour, Beyoncé performed in front of millions of fans across the globe. The answer might surprise you if you wonder how many people attended Beyoncé’s biggest concert. 

This article will explore the Beyoncé ticket prices, venues, locations, and anticipated attendance counts of Beyoncé’s concert. This article will undoubtedly provide an insightful and enjoyable look at one of our time’s most popular and important singers, whether you are a die-hard Beyoncé fan or just interested in the largest music concert in history.

Background Details

Themes of empowerment, identity, and social justice have always been the main theme of Beyoncé’s music and performances, and the Formation World Tour was no exception. The stage elements, breath-taking visuals, and powerful choreography on display during the tour were all intended to honour black culture and highlight the determination and resiliency of black women. The songs from Beyoncé’s highly acclaimed album Lemonade, which addressed issues of infidelity, forgiveness, and black womanhood, were performed throughout the show. 

Beyoncé’s seventh concert tour, the Formation World Tour, took place from April to October 2016. The tour was named after the single hit “Formation.”  On February 6, 2016, Beyoncé made “Formation” available on TIDAL for free, along with a music video on her official YouTube. The next day, on February 7, 2016, Beyoncé gave a special guest performance of “Formation” at the Super Bowl 50 halftime show. 

The Formation World Tour would begin on April 27 in Miami, and the first pre-sales would go on sale just two days after the announcement on February 9, 2016, in a commercial that ran right after the performance. The tour kicked out for 49 days from April 27, 2016, at Miami’s Marlins Park, and finished on October 7, 2016, at East Rutherford, New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium. 

Stage Set Up 

By enlarging Beyoncé’s live image to the scale of a skyscraper, the ingenious set design gave every individual in the stadium the impression that they were in the front row. Dancers were dangling from the ends of cables and spinning, one of whom was writhing in a metal cube in midair. 

There were undoubtedly explosions, pyrotechnics, and a ton of confetti. The choreography was easier, yet the organizers generally synced it. In the show, the organizers added Fapper’s movements and elements of African dancing throughout the entire time.

The catwalk, which snaked its way into the crowd on the field in an L form, was the most impressive design element. The show had a conveyer belt attached, transporting the dancers effortlessly into the audience before lowering them into a pool of water where they performed the song “Freedom.”

Attendance of the Fans

Attendance at the Formation World Tour was about 2.24 million. It is undeniable that Beyoncé is one of the greatest performers of our time. Beyoncé’s immense talent and appeal drew a staggering 2.24 million fans to her biggest concert in the music industry. 

On stage, Beyoncé spent some time alone as she basked in the spotlight and made her way down the runway alone. The tour included a range of noteworthy opening acts, including a few special guests that appeared on stage with popular opener DJ Khaled. Beyoncé managed her own management company, Parkwood Entertainment, and artists, such as the at-the-time little-known pair Chloe x Halle, was also featured as supporting acts.

Ticket Sales and Box Score

The Formation World tour was a huge success, with a revenue of over $256 million and a large crowd fan base. The Formation World Tour had a cumulative mid-year worldwide gross of $137.3 million from the first 25 performances (including $126.3 million from the first North America tour), placing it at #1 and #2 on Pollstar’s 2016 mid-year Top 100 Tours ranking for North America and the globe, respectively.

Billboard Boxscore said the tour made $256 million from 49 sold-out concerts, placing it second on the 2016 Year-End Tours chart.


The largest Beyoncé concerts were not only about attendance but also global cultural events that brought together fans from all over the world. Beyoncé has utilized her concerts to empower and inspire millions through social justice initiatives, black excellence celebrations, and other causes. 

Hence, even if we may never know the attendance at her largest event, it is known that her music and performances will have a lasting impression.

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