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‘Hospital Playlist’: Where can you catch the cast after cancellation?

According to a statement shared by the Hospital Playlist production team to Newsen, there are currently no plans for a third season of the medical K-Drama. The highly-rated series follows five doctors who have been friends since undergrad as they remain close while working in the same hospital and share their love for music.

In a statement from the Hospital Playlist production team, they announced, “Both the production team and the cast do want to work together if plans for a third season are conceived someday, but there are no specific plans for a third season right now.”

Now that the series is coming to a close, find out where else you can find your favorite Hospital Playlist cast members after the season two finale.

Hospital Playlist will not receive a third season

According to reports, the cast of Hospital Playlist 2 has finished shooting for the finale on Monday. The last two episodes of the show will premiere on September 9th and September 16th, declaring the end of its sequel season.

The news of the series’ cancellation may come as a shock to those who understand the popularity of the hospital drama. For the fourth consecutive week, tvN’s Hospital Playlist 2 remained No. 1 on Good Data Corporation’s list of the dramas that created the most buzz. The company decides each week’s rankings by gathering data from news articles, blog posts, online communities, and social media.

While Hospital Playlist 2 held its spot at No. 1, four of the main cast members also ranked on this week’s list of most buzzworthy drama cast members. The four popular cast members include Jung Kyung Ho who came in at No. 4, Jo Jung Suk at No. 5, Kim Dae Myung at No. 6, and Shin Hyun Been at No. 9.

What will the cast do now?

Jung Kyung-ho, who plays Kim Joon-Wan, is currently filming for Apgujeong Report. The drama/comedy series will follow Dae Guk, a nosy man from Apgujeong, and Ji Woo, a cold but skillful plastic surgeon, who open a plastic surgery business in Gangnam.

Meanwhile, Yoo Yeon-Seok, who stars as Ahn Jeong-Won, has been cast in the upcoming crime series Suriname which is based on the true story of a Korean man who becomes a drug lord in Suriname, a country in South America.

Fan-favorite actress Jeon Mi-Do will be in the upcoming 2022 drama Thirty Nine. The romantic drama will follow three friends nearing the 40-year-old mark and will juggle life, work, and relationships.

As for the other popular cast members like Jo Jung-Suk and Kim Dae-Myung, they currently have no future projects announced as of now.

Catch the Hospital Playlist cast reunited after the finale

Considering fans are nowhere near ready to part ways with their favorite group of close-knit doctors, the cast will soon be making a guest appearance in a popular variety show. The special series will be produced by Na Young-Seok and the production for the show will begin after the season two finale of Hospital Playlist.  

A representative from tvN explained, “The variety show that the five Hospital Playlist actors are starring in is still in the planning stage, so details including the title, exact schedule, and location have not been decided yet. It is being planned with hopes that the actors will wrap up the drama while creating good memories with viewers after concluding filming.”

The cast has already collaborated with Na Young-Seok for a special series on YouTube titled Wise Camping Life: Hospital Playlist Goes Camping. The YouTube series followed the group of friends camping away from the sets of Hospital Playlist. The special series was extremely popular with fans, so we’re certain the upcoming variety show will also be a hit.

What do you think about the cancellation of Hospital Playlist? Who’s your favorite cast member? Let us know in the comments below!

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